Healthy food is often expensive. Therefore, sometimes it is very difficult to maintain a proper diet with a tight budget. It is not worth saving on the quality of products, in this way we can only harm our own health. However, it is not true that a healthy diet is a luxury for the richest. The following tips may help in optimizing nutritional expenditure.


Plan meals
If you want to save in the grocery store, a good organization is essential. Use one day a week to plan what you will eat. Write down the things that you will need. Browse the fridge and cabinets, check what products you already have and think about how you can use them. Everything so that you do not waste anything. Then make a shopping list. When you’re in the supermarket, keep it tight. Unknowing circulation around the store without a clearly defined purpose usually results in filling the basket with products that you do not need.

Do not go hungry for shopping!

Studies have shown that people who went shopping with an empty stomach bought larger amounts of food and made less healthy food choices. In one of them, consumers leaving the store were asked to fill in a questionnaire regarding, among other things, their level of hunger, mood and the time they spent in the store. It turned out that the bills of people who were hungry during shopping were up to 64% higher. Scientists say all guilty is ghrelin – a hormone responsible for feeling hungry. It works on the part of the brain that is associated with motivation and reward. It is under the influence of its activity that we look for calorie foods, thus we spend much more than we intended.

Cook at home
It’s no secret that preparing meals at home is much cheaper than eating them in the city. For the price of one dinner in a restaurant, you can feed a family of four. Prepare meals in advance and take them with you in work containers. If you can not afford to spend a few hours in the kitchen every day, you can prepare larger portions that will last for 2-3 days. It will also make you use all the ingredients, nothing will be wasted and you will not be exposed to additional costs. When cooking at home, you decide what will happen in the dish that you will eat, so you can be sure that you are eating well.

Choose seasonal fruits and vegetables


The prices of fruit and vegetables in the season are definitely lower. Although most of them are available in supermarkets throughout the year, one must remember that in order to make this possible, these products are often transported from the other side of the world. This is not conducive to their price or quality. Therefore, it is worth using the charms of spring and summer, and go to the nearby trade fair and bazaars. The products we find there are not only tastier, but and healthier. In this way, we can enjoy the taste and smell of real strawberries, or tomatoes that do not give the impression of being made of plastic.

Buy as few processed products as possible

It is usually the case that the more processed product, the higher its price. For example, for a small packet of grated cheese you will pay much more than for the same amount of cheese in a piece, bought by weight. The same is true with sliced ​​sausages available in packaging. Such products usually also contain a lot of additives to ensure that they will be fresh for a long time. Products such as rice, cereal, flour, pasta buy in larger quantities. They do not spoil quickly, so you can store them in sealed containers. It is similar with beans, lentils, nuts and dried fruits.

Watch out for promotions

All kinds of discounts and other offers can be a very good way to save money. But be careful that you do not fall into a trap. Do not buy products just because they are at a promotional price. Often in this way, instead of saving, we spend much more, buying articles that we will never use. In addition, such offers often refer to unhealthy and low-quality products, and these should always be avoided.

Set up your own garden

If you have the opportunity, planting your own vegetables and fruits is a great idea to save money. Seeds and seedlings can be bought very cheaply. As a garden you can even use a flower pot standing on the balcony or on the windowsill in the kitchen window. You can plant all kinds of basil herbs, thyme, oregano, parsley or chives, and even cherry tomatoes. Of course, this solution requires a bit of time and commitment, but the satisfaction of using the crops of hand-cured plants is priceless!

As you can see, you do not have to win the lottery to be able to eat healthy. The most important is good organization and a bit of will. We should always remember that everything we eat has a significant impact on our body. That is why it is so important to make wise food choices that will not ruin our portfolio, but also our health.

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