Do you want to treat your body with turbo-gas? This workout is for you. It will take you no more than 20 minutes to warm up and stretch. During this time you will burn about 200 calories. Exercise will speed up metabolism and make you feel more energy. Sometimes the pace of exercise can be intense. If you are not advanced or have not moved in a long time, remember that you can slow down and rest at any time. Prepare a comfortable sports outfit and exercise mat and … work! 


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Turboburning, or 200 calories in 20 minutes 

Training involves the muscles of the whole body. There are a lot of jumps in it, so do not be surprised that you will be breathless. The effects of regular high-speed training are quick to see. Get ready – the next 20 minutes is yours! 


Try never to skip this stage. Even when the workout is short, it’s worth to prepare your whole body for exercise. Thanks to the warm-up, you will avoid injuries and take out more from the exercises. 

How long 3-5 minutes 

What to do 

Rompers (1 minute) – prepare the body for work and warm the hocks. 

Neck – warm it up for a moment, looking left and right once, then down and up. 

Strong circulation of the arms in the front (30 seconds) and back (30 seconds). 

Legs – you can hold something for ease – wave back and forth with one foot (30 seconds), then another (30 seconds). 

Hip turning – make large round-trip wheels for 30 seconds. 

Proper training 

The first series 

Skip A, i.e. jumps with pull-up alternating knees to the chest – 30 seconds. 

Exercise vigorously and quickly, engaging shoulders during jumps. Remember to have a tight stomach, keep your head in a neutral position, looking forward. Try to pull your knees up to your chest with each jump. 

Squats – 30 seconds. 

See how to do squats properly. Important – Make sure your knees do not go forward in front of the toe line during the exercise. After straightening up in the final stage of the movement, firmly pinch the buttocks. 

Boxer shorts – 30 seconds. It consists in running in a place with simultaneous making straight blows with your hands. During the exercise, the hands should be rolled up into fists, and the blows are made from the chest to the height of the chin. 

Squats with a trench – 30 seconds. You do a squat, then you make a right leg kick, then another squat and kick your left leg after it. And so for a change. The amount of kicks is individual and depends on your degree of stretching. Exhale during kicking. 

A minute’s break to catch your breath. 

The second series 

Squat jump – 30 seconds. Holding your feet to the width of your hips, do a sit-up, and then from this position with your bottom low, jump up as high as possible. Land smoothly doing another squat. Keep your stomach tight and help yourself while jumping out with your hands. We warn you – during this exercise your buttocks will be burning! 

Sentences – 30 seconds. Alternate your left and right leg once and for a second. At the moment you walk, both legs should be bent in your lap. Make sure your knee does not come out behind the toe line when you are in line. Keep your back straight during the exercises and the shoulder blades are removed. The lower your hips descend, the more intense this exercise will be. 

Burpeesy – 30 seconds. This exercise is called a fall-rise. The idea is to get from the standing position to the supports with the front on the hands, put the chest on the ground and vigorously return to the starting position. See how to do burpees correctly. 

Board – 30 seconds. Keeping the body in the position of the board is the so-called plank. Lie on the mat on your stomach. Raise your body on your forearms, let your weight rest on your elbows (keep them under your shoulders). Rest your straight body on your toes. Keep your stomach muscles tense, do not bend the spine. Let the head be an extension of the body. 

One minute break. 

Third series 

Jumps with verbs – 30 seconds. Stand in your head with your hands on your hips, your torso straight, knees bend at 90 degrees, lower the knee of the back leg to the ground. Vigorously push away from the ground and jump up, at the same time changing legs, so that the one that was in the back landed in the front. Land again to the heading position. 

Reversion of the leg – after 30 seconds on each leg. Stand with your feet on the width of your hips, put your hands on your hips. Keep your right leg straight and move your back briefly and energetically so that you feel your buttocks tense. Exercise the same exercise on the other leg. 

Skipping rope – 30 seconds. You can jump on a skipping rope (cross or alternately), and if you do not have it, jump, making movements with your hands imitating jumping on a skipping rope. 

Pumps – 30 seconds. If you’re strong, do classic pumps. You can also make a female version, that is on your knees. See how to pump properly. 


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