And so. First of all, you have to start with that, if you want to have a visible effect and a visible outline of muscles on the stomach, you need to get rid of excess fat around the abdominal muscles. 

You have to remember to burn the excess fat on the body, the training must be performed at about 40% of the maximum intensity. Exactly 40% of the maximum oxygen uptake by the person exercising. Myocardial contraction increases to about 110- 130 spasms / min. but this is a personal matter. 

You have to reject the myth to start burning fat you should run at least 30-40 min. If the training is conducted on the right capacity, the energy is immediately taken from the FFA. 

Of course, the longer the training, the more we will use FFA. 

It should be known that FFA is the main substrate for providing energy in terms of the amount of ATP produced during aerobic exercise. 


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On this subject, one could write and write based on the books that I will give at the end of the post. 

Regarding the lower part of the stomach. 

To properly strengthen this muscle part, you should learn to move the pelvis itself in the very beginning. 

I know from experience that for some it is very difficult, so I will try to explain it as best as I can. 

Stand sideways to the mirror. 

Let’s put our hands on our hips. 

let’s observe your body posture. 

The movement should look so as not to change the position of the body move the pelvis forward (then it works best for the abdominal muscles of the lower part) and backwards. 

It looks as if we wanted to pull the navel up to the chest and the pubic symphysis to pull up as far as possible and slightly forward. However, the back of the pelvis is to be slightly lowered (it will be palpable if we put our hands on our hips and see how these hands will move) 

All this movement is to take place only in the pelvis. 

If we can move the pelvis, we try to keep it in the final position, ie navel upwards (remember the correct posture we do not slouch, we do not bend our knees, we do not lean forward with our belly). 

Once we can keep the pelvis in this position and stretch the muscles in this position. we already have 80% success. 

This is the starting position for every abdominal muscle exercise. It guarantees that in this position it will be much harder to perform the bellies because we already engage the entire muscle for exercise and it is the main muscle we exercise. (there are many other muscles involved in the classic tummy that help with work, of course, people who do not know how to do the exercise properly) 

Okay, if we already know how to properly set up for exercise, the lower abdominal lot works best when the exercises are controlled from the bottom up. So legs. 

we will find a lot of exercises, for example, on youtube-controlled legs 

Of course, we do not forget about setting the pelvis. 

e.g. supports on forearms lying back, legs straight and we alternate bending once one leg of the other leg in the knee, if we are doing an exercise, eg lying in the back, where both legs are straight and do not touch the ground and lift them together or separately. it should be remembered that we do this exercise by lowering the legs until the lumbar lordosis does not increase. Because the whole effect will be much smaller. 

It is best to do an exercise with legs bent in the hip and knees, tightening the knees to the chest and lowering slightly bent so that the knees come out behind the hip line. 

Of course, remembering about the correctly positioned pelvis !!
we do not forget about isometric exercises. 

An excellent exercise is simply to move the pelvis forward and hold the pelvis as high as possible and tighten the abdomen at the same time, do not forget to also strengthen the whole abdominal muscles, also the transverse abdomen. It should also be remembered to strengthen the postural, buttocks and shinbone muscles, as well as to extend the quadriceps of the thigh. 

It is also necessary to know that the formation of pelvic movements in the above-described manner must not be used in the FLAT PLANE posture (i.e. if someone has a reduced or suppressed lumbar lordosis). Then you can boldly perform in SURVIVAL BACK, i.e., lumbar lordosis is enlarged.
A lot of it but it’s sometimes worth doing the exercises completely correctly. Especially for beginners. 

Of course, fat burning is only admonished what and how. However, the whole process is a bit longer to describe, adequate protein and carbohydrate supplementation, etc. 

These are just the basics and description of what is happening with fat. 


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