Carbohydrates before training 

During physical activity, your body uses energy in the form of glucose that you have in your blood. When the current supply runs out, the body reaches for fat, but a carbohydrate storage in the form of a compound called glycogen can also be started. It is mainly stored in the muscles and in the liver. 


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To burn fat the body needs oxygen, the energy from glycogen can be obtained without it. When you train intensely, particularly forcefully, the circulatory system does not keep up with the supply of oxygen. That’s when your body starts using glycogen. If you want to have a full supply of glycogen, and thus the strength to exercise, you need to eat carbohydrates before training. 

These should be complex carbohydrates, which stabilize blood sugar levels and provide satiety for a long time. Eat them with protein, e.g. 

buckwheat with eggs and vegetables, 

salad with feta cheese and wholegrain croutons, 

rye sourdough bread sandwich with hummus and radishes. 

Such a meal will charge muscles before physical activity. Remember, however, that it is difficult to exercise with a full stomach. For this reason, you should eat the last meal at least 1.5-2 hours before the scheduled workout. 

Carbohydrates after training 

Muscles after training need another dose of energy, because they just used it. Supplementing carbohydrates is especially important when your training was endurance. Muscle without energy source in the form of carbohydrates will look for an alternative source of energy in the form of protein. As a result, he will start burning himself! 

Often you hear that after training, you need to provide primarily proteins, but a small amount of carbohydrates is equally important for regeneration to proceed properly. Exceptionally, in this case you can reach carbohydrates with medium or high glycemic index (IG) to quickly equalize blood sugar. If your goal is to lose weight, put on natural yoghurt with seasonal fruits. You train games endurance, health and fitness and do not care about the lower weight, add 3 spoons of oatmeal and a teaspoon of honey to the above set. 

Therefore, eat carbohydrates always before and after training! Before the activity it is a necessity that you have strength. After the exercises, choose the composition of the meal to the goal you want to achieve! 


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