Recently, you can hear that carbohydrates are responsible for obesity. There is something about it. After all, people eat refined sugar. Eat biscuits, cookies and drink sweetened drinks. Everyone likes sugar after all. He also likes cancer, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes. Only if it is limiting carbohydrates is so good for our bodies? Each medal has two sides.

Simple and complex carbohydrates
They are organic chemical compounds composed of carbon and hydrogen atoms and oxygen. We can divide them into simple and complex carbohydrates.


Depending on what type of carbohydrates we are dealing with, we can determine the effect of a given carbohydrate on the level of our glycemia after a meal. It is worth choosing complex carbohydrates because they do not cause rapid increases in the level of insulin in the blood.

The selection of carbohydrates with a low glycemic index is also becoming more and more popular. The lower the IG, the smaller the insulin release. Carbohydrates are also the basic source of energy for our bodies. We can find them in virtually any food product. Where to find good carbohydrates? First of all, in wholegrain products, type 1800 and 2000 flour, groats, brown rice, basmati, parabolic, wild rice, potatoes, and sweet potatoes.

Carbohydrates in the diet
Carbohydrates play an important role in the life of every organism. They are the basic source of energy. They are also fuel for our brain. However, it should be borne in mind that consumed in excess may lead to obesity and other metabolic disorders. They also have a warehouse, transport and building function.

Carbohydrates regulate the level of many hormones in our body. Among other things, thyroid hormone T4 – thyroxine. With low levels of carbohydrates in the blood, the concentration of fatty acids increases, by which T4 is absorbed much less by the liver. In addition, with the low supply of carbohydrates in the diet, the intensity of T4 conversion decreases in T3 (triiodothyronine), which is an active thyroid hormone. And T3 means accelerated metabolism for us. The concentration of SHBG, sex hormone-binding globulin also increases. This, in turn, makes the testosterone bound is not biologically active and can not be used for body purposes.

Another function of carbohydrates is to stimulate production in the IGF-1 liver, which gives a signal from growth hormone to the cells of our body. This means that in the long run, a shortage of carbohydrates will stop us from burning body fat. Carbohydrates also increase the production of leptin, which is a hormone of satiety but also drives our metabolism.

Limiting carbohydrates
The benefits of carbohydrate restriction mainly concern the figure. It is based on the assumption of a low carb diet, which I tested on myself. Due to the fact that the body is deficient in carbohydrates must supplement from body fat, it is burning quickly. At a silhouetted angle, this means a quick reduction. However, when it comes to the health approach, it is better to maintain carbohydrates at the appropriate level.

What does the right level mean? It is different for every human being. Since the reduced supply of carbohydrates causes hormonal changes, it is not advisable to cut them in the long run. In my opinion, diets based on the low carb are very effective, but their effect is difficult to maintain due to the lack of human skills to return to a balanced diet. Therefore, for amateurs, a better solution is the adequate supply of carbohydrates.

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