Cardio training, endurance – this is a training that can be easily performed by every person of all ages. It has many advantages strengthens the circulatory system, improve heart fitness and improve the figure. I will try to explain and explain what is cardio training and to exclude mistakes that most people commit.

  1. What is cardio training?

Cardio training is any type of training performed on devices such as treadmills, stationary bikes, cross trainers, or swimming and running etc. You can do training anywhere in the gym, at home, outdoors. Exercises are based on the fact that during training, we maintain our maximum heart rate within 60-80% at all times. The maximum heart rate depends on the age – we calculate them, subtracting the age from the pulse at level 220. This is the easiest way to calculate the maximum heart rate for beginners. We do training for a sufficiently long time.

Regular training improves our condition and, above all, our circulatory system. Restores vein bandwidth and protects against diseases such as heart attack, stroke, overweight and obesity. Cardio exercises should be performed three times a week for half an hour. We increase the intensity of training gradually, everything depends on our training, as well as the internship.


  1. Cardio exercises at the gym

Gym training is the right training for people who like to spend a lot of time in the gym. Such training is mainly done on machines such as

– treadmill,

– stationary bike,

– stepper

– cross trainer.

Remembering that you must keep the right intensity of your heart rate. Most of these devices already have a built-in heart rate monitor, thanks to which you will maintain the heart rate. Do not forget about any warming up before each workout, thanks to which you will save yourself from an injury. At the beginning, I recommend exercising 3 times a week for 30-40 minutes. Then you can slowly increase the intensity of your training.


  1. Cardio for beginners

At the start, every beginner who did not have to deal with such trainings should first of all go to the trainer who will introduce it. Most people forget that suitable shoes are needed for such training. The next key issue is that a lot of people forget to drink water during such an effort. Then water is lost, which can cause dehydration of the body.

The optimal amount of drinkable water during training should be in the limit of 2-4 l of water a day, thanks to this we will protect the body from the odrzucienia and provide the appropriate amount of lost micronutrients. Most beginners forget to warm up and ignore it, leading to rapid injury and injuries. Try not to come eaten for training, then you will be exercising badly. Remember also to keep the right heart rate – then you gain the most.


  1. The effects of cardio training

The effects of our training will be visible after a few weeks, fat loss, improvement of our heart muscle, pumping more blood, oxygenation of our body, improvement of metabolic processes. Just remember that there are visible effects, you have to eat properly.

The diet should be composed of well-quality sources of protein, fats and carbohydrates. Also take into account the regeneration of our body, remember the right amount of sleep. Do not forget about warming up before each workout – you will protect yourself against an injury. As you can see, the effects can come quickly if you’re well prepared.

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