Carrots and apples are on the menu of many slimming diets.It is believed that these vegetables and fruits are an ally of a slim figure, and at the same time contain many valuable nutrients for health.Is it really?


In 100 grams of carrots, there are only 41 calories, and at the same time 2.8 grams of fiber, which helps to keep a slim figure.According to some specialists, it is important to eat carrots raw.After cooking, the glycemic index increases, so soon after eating it, the feeling of hunger returns.Other experts point out that the increase in blood sugar levels can only occur after consuming very large amounts of cooked carrot, about 1 kilogram.This means that you can afford both raw and boiled carrots when slimming.This is important information for people who do not like raw vegetables.Of course, instead of eating carrots, you can drink juice or other products made of it.Carrots are even used to prepare jam.It’s a vegetable that contains a lot of beta-carotene, vitamin C and potassium.It also contains phosphorus, calcium and vitamin K. Beta-carotene is an antioxidant, so regular consumption of carrots reduces the risk of certain types of cancer.At the same time, it improves skin tone and has a positive effect on the eyesight.This second feature makes carotene especially recommended for people working at the computer.


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Apples also do not contain much calories, because in 100 grams of fruit there are only 52. ​​What’s more, in such an amount of apples there is as much as 14 grams of dietary fiber, which gives you satiety and improves metabolism.Because of this, the diet has gained a lot of popularity, the most important principle is to eat an apple before each meal.In apples there are pectins, which bind some heavy metals during digestion, and at the same time have a positive effect on the bacterial flora and lower cholesterol levels.Although apples provide a large dose of fructose, the sugar contained in the fruit should not be considered a threat.Apples should be eaten raw and with skin.It is underneath is the most vitamin C, and thermal treatment leads to its partial loss.As with carrots, apples can be eaten in various forms, including in the form of juice.


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In summary, carrots and apples are very good suggestions for people who care about maintaining a slim figure.They contain a lot of fiber, as well as other valuable substances for health, especially vitamins.It is important to choose only fresh fruit and vegetables and wash them thoroughly before eating.It is worth buying carrots and apples, which were grown without the use of artificial fertilizers.Pesticides make fruit and vegetables, which should help in maintaining health, turn into products harmful to the body.


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