Increasingly, in the context of the diet, one hears about a cheat meal – literally a deceitful meal – a completely unnatural meal, quite different from the products allowed during weight loss, which weaves into a diet to lose excess kilos. others are heavily criticized. Is it worth using a cheat meal while on a diet?

Anyone who has used a weight-loss diet at least once knows how difficult it can be, I do not mean mono-nutrient or hunger diets – I think nobody can last more than a week using this way of eating.

However, a rational, balanced diet based on health-beneficial products and limiting” junk food “also causes difficulties, especially when we use such a nutrition model for many weeks

We are only human, and anyone can experience a weaker day, a decrease in willpower and a huge desire for something forbidden, for small things that are not what the diet absolutely does not allow. If your diet before the diet was very unhealthy and meals based on products with a lot of fat, sugar and salt, the harder it is to persevere in the provisions, because with the start of slimming the nutrition regimen has changed by 180 degrees.

For many people, a long-term diet causes stress, causes tension and decreases motivation, which in consequence may result in abandoning efforts in the fight for a dream figure.” Here comes the cheat meal – a deceitful meal.

Eaten during the diet reduces tension associated with compliance, distracts attention from food control, is a way to relax.” In addition, a cheat meal can be a kind of reward for hardships and be additional motivation, because in two days you can eat something unhealthy with impunity, I will stop today.

Role of cheat meal in slimming

Usually, when you are on a diet, eating something unhealthy causes remorse and extra tension.” Cheat meal avoids this. “Yes, it is an unhealthy meal, but it is planned and integrated into the diet and is not a sign of weakness.

Cheat meal can be a solution when your grandmother invites you for dinner, or you make an appointment with friends, and you do not want to explain to everyone that you can not because you are on a diet.” Cheat meal is a gate that will allow you to eat “normally” , like everyone else.

In addition to affecting the well-being of a person who is slimming, a cheat meal can have visible physical benefits, and many dietitians use a cheat meal as a trick to deceiving the body.

Each slimming person has a stage of detention that lasts up to several weeks, often spontaneously, but not always.” Including a cheat meal with a much higher calorie content than those from a daily diet can break the moment of stopping the weight, which can be inferred that such a meal stimulates metabolism slowed down by diet and mobilizes the body for faster burning.

One-time delivery of a larger portion of calories to the body affects the secretion of hormones responsible for metabolism – mainly leptin and ghrelin.

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