How many calories do vegetables have?Very few contain their green cucumber, much more – peas and beans.

A table of calories contained in vegetables will allow you to check how caloric are those products that should form the basis of our diet.So check how many calories have vegetables – among otherscauliflower, potatoes, carrots, onions or beets.

The calorie table – vegetables largely proves that vegetables are not only healthy, but also low in calories.Remember that vegetables should form the basis of your diet – according to the recommendations of the Institute of Food and Nutrition to be half of the meals consumed each day.So see how the calorie content of vegetables is presented.

How many calories have vegetables – the least caloric vegetables
  1. The least-calorie green cucumber vegetables

One of the least caloric vegetables is green cucumber – in 100 g of the product we find only 15 kcal.Its properties are largely similar to … watermelon.Both products contain a lot of water – the cucumber is composed of it up to 96 percent – and they mainly owe their low caloric value to it.On the other hand, they have little nutritional value.The cucumber’s skin, which contains sterols that lower blood cholesterol levels, is very beneficial.Green cucumber also has a beneficial effect on the digestive process, accelerates fat burning and removal of toxins from the body.The cucumber has a low glycemic index – 15.

  1. The least-calorie zucchini vegetables

Zucchini is just as caloric as cucumber – in 100 g of the product is contained 15 kcal.Zucchini supports metabolism, it is also rich in potassium, preventing the retention of water in the body, and thus – accelerating the shedding of kilograms.Zucchini is used in a cleansing diet because 90 percent of its content is water.


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