Motivation is variable 

When you start slimming you want to do everything today, right away, from the walk. Your head is full of resolutions, plans, you are emotive. You expect fast results, come on, you know perfectly well that a fast weight loss foretells a different effect – the yo-yo effect! After 1-2 weeks, motivation decreases and this is a completely normal phenomenon! Motivation resembles a sine wave – the strongest at the beginning, after some time counts the hole to increase again. You must be prepared for it! 


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Make a check-list motivation! 

One of the most effective tools for weaker periods during slimming and poorer motivation are check-lists. At work, a dietitian uses two types of check-lists 

check-daily list, 

check-list monthly. 

I put them together with patients to make sure that regardless of the mood, the basic recommendations related to diet and physical activity will always be respected. 

Daily check-list – daily goals 

Check-daily list should not include complicated tasks, but those that can be implemented regardless of the intensity of the classes. Recall the simplest tips for diet and training, make a note of them on the check-list. Always keep the list in front of your eyes – printed, on your mobile phone or laptop. Keep checking in once during the day and once in the evening. What would an example check-list look like? See! 

Check yourself! 


vegetables – 5 servings 

fruits – 2 servings 

wholegrain cereal products – 3 servings 

non-caloric fluids – a minimum of 1.5 liters 

nuts, seeds, seeds – 1 portion 

eggs, meat, fish, pulses – 2-3 servings 

3 main meals 

2 snacks 



cardio – 30 minutes 

stretching – 15 minutes 

You have a bad day, but you managed to unhook all points from the check-list? You can be calm! Failed to? Ask yourself why this happened? You did not want to go for a walk because you were very tired? Find counter-argument I was tired, but if I went for a walk I would oxygenate my body and give my head a rest. This will make it easier for you to take the right action next time. 

Monthly check-list – new goals 

The second type of check-list is for the new month. Every month, plan 2-3 bigger goals, the implementation of which will give you joy and new experiences related to a healthy lifestyle. Find a company to complete monthly tasks. It is easier to take on new challenges in the group. See sample tasks 

I will try a new type of physical activity. 

I will limit the sowing, I will learn how to season the dishes with fresh herbs. 

I will not use the escalator. 

I’ll make order in kitchen cabinets. I will throw away high-processed food. 

I will cook a dish that I have never tried before! 

I will learn some basic yoga positions. 

I will get the basics of reading labels of food products. 

Thanks to monthly goals you will be able to constantly modify your lifestyle for a healthier one! Such a way of making changes is simple and does not interfere with your daily functioning at work and at home. 


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