Every single one of us has a dream … We wake up thinking about her … Is this today? Is this the beginning of the week today ?? Is it possible that I will be lying tomorrow, and hundreds of kilograms of iron over me, pleading silently, squeeze me out … “ 


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Our approach to chest training is simply sick. Morbid. Contagious, because masses of people practice practically only for her. Chase after another kilos, every single repetition, with every millimeter in the circuit … And finally to tell my colleague what is my new record … How much pressure. 

And here is the paradox. The party, so adored and elevated to the pedestals, refuses to obey us. He does not want to grow up for anything. First, he pushes into a kind of amok, a state of intoxication, then he would give up like a bad woman. Refuse obedience, faithfulness. And that’s what we refused for her. We were able to devote miserable legs or back to be able to even once again exhaust her on a straight bench … 


How all this is unfair … 

However, the thing is a bit different. Because unless with any other muscle party, the saying “what is too much, it’s unhealthy” does not work so well. Let’s finish our peculiarly strange comments. Let’s deal rationally with the BREAST MUSCLES. 




Popularly called ,, the chest is divided into muscles 

All muscles together, like one husband, have an extremely important function – being on the rib cage, they protect the heart and the lung – as we know one of the most important organs in our body. They indirectly participate in inhalation and exhalation. The larger pectoral muscle is located just in front of the chest and divides it into two uneven parts – the smaller upper and the much larger lower one. It belongs to the superficial muscles of the chest. There is a smaller pectoralis muscle behind it – it would seem less important. It brings and decreases, however, the upper limb and rotates the shoulder blade. It also helps when you inhale. The front toothed muscle is, contrary to appearances, one of the largest human muscles! Located on the sides of the chest at the ribs, it is a superficial muscle and forms something in the shape of the saw teeth. His most important function is to help with the inhale. 


And a small note at the beginning. People think that there is only a barbell! And more accurately press it on a flat bench. Forgets about dumbbells, or a few extremely useful stretching exercises. It is also necessary to use in the training on the cage of the inclined bench, on which this exercise will involve the upper part of the larger muscle. 

Attack on several front-angles, or what will work. 

1. Depends on the torso in the supine position 

2. Depends on the position of the hand on the barbell bar 



1. Pressing the bar down 

They are worshiped, de- clared by the majority of practitioners, the most popular for this party. It is possible to perform on a flat, sloping up and down bench. 



Lezymy on the bench with his back so that our head, shoulders and buttocks had contact with her (adhered to him). All feet are resting on the floor! We put our hands on the bar and remove the barbell from the racks. Arms straightened, but not to the maximum (the whole weight then rests on the ponds by hurting them). Slowly gaining air, we lower the bar to the cage at the height of the nipples. We remember to keep elbows wide from the torso (ideals should be found under the griffin). Gently we touch the banded barbell and exhale, we squeeze the weight over ourselves in a straight line. 



Let’s remember simple rules – the head, shoulders and buttocks are absolutely attached to the bench, and the feet to the floor. We push the cage and the blades are pulled to one another. We control the breath – leaving the breath, exhaling. We avoid loosing the loins. 

Variants of execution 

As previously stated, it is possible to use a slanting bench up and down. When sloping down, it is necessary to lock the legs so that they do not come off with the weight from the bench! Assurance of the partner indicated. People with hypertension must be careful about this position in bench press. I recommend changing what cas holds the neck. 


2. Pressing the barbell lying down. 

Disregarded exercise, and gives you a lot more performance options than barbells. 


Similar to the banners. Lezymy on the bench with his back so that our head, shoulders and buttocks had contact with her (adhered to him). All feet are resting on the floor! We take bar mugs just before putting ourselves down or give them to us partner. Of course, we keep the dumbbells perpendicular to the torso. We inhale and lower the dumbbells, then exhale and impress. More about the impression movement in variants. 


The same as with the pressure of the bar. The head, shoulders and buttocks adhere absolutely to the bench, and the feet to the floor. We push the cage and the blades are pulled to one another. we control the breath – lowering the breath, exhaling. We avoid loosing the loins. We run the dumbbells all the time after the same, the same arc! 

Variants of execution 

As I said- underestimated dumbbells surprise with their practicality! The movement can take place in a variety of ways dumbbells can be carried on the shoulder width, we can bring them closer to each other after the impression and note – a very useful solution – in the final stage of the dumbbell rotate and combine with each other (ankles and fingers facing each other). This allows additional stimulation of the internal regions of the chest muscles. Exercise to be done diagonally up and down. 


3.Spices with dumbbells 

The next exercise deemed unnecessary. Perfect, however, for stretching breast muscles just at the end of the session! 


Traditionally, I rest my back on the bench so that our head, shoulders and buttocks have contact with it (adhered to it). All feet are resting on the floor! We take bar mugs just before putting ourselves down or give them to us partner. With the dumbbells straightened or slightly bent over our hands, we slowly lower them from side to side until we feel the stretching in the chest muscles (carefully!). After the same arc, the dumbbells come back to you. Breath control is extremely important! A deep breath when lowering the dumbbells and exhale when erecting them. We also remember not to hang the dumbbells against each other, because then we lose tension in the muscles. 

Variants of execution 

Like most exercises on a cage, you are allowed to slant your head up and down. It is important that the plane of the neck is always parallel to the ground plane! 


4. Moving the dumbbell per head 

There is controversy whether this is an exercise on the back or cage. Insisting at both, I note at the same time that it extends the breast muscles larger. Sometimes it is worth replacing it with a span. 


Stably we lie on a flat bench, we keep the bar above our head, it is best to block it from the lower side of the neck with the thumbs, and to catch it from the top with the tips of the fingers. We slowly lower the dumbbell to the head, taking a deep breath. We return after the same line with the exhalation. The angle of deflection of the wrists and elbows is the same for the entire duration of the exercise. 


Be careful with the weight! The grip must be strong – we believe that the dumbbell does not come out of the hand. We are watching your breath. 

Variants of execution 

Instead of walking along the bench, we can lie across it, resting on the upper back and neck. Exercise can also be performed using two dumbbells or barbells. 



So the solution for the householder – all known and liked pumps. 


I think that everyone knows the basic principles of this exercise. We are leaning on the floor with our hands facing forward. Legs joined together, straight back based on fingers. We do not bend the torso up or down – we make sure the body is straight. Slowly, with an inhalation, we lower ourselves to the ground, so that the cage gently touches the ground. Elbows run wide outside. Along with the exhale, we raise and perform the recommended number of repetitions. 


We are watching the breath and this to keep a simple figure. Elbows are run outside. We raise faster than we leave (known rule). If you use chairs as your hand and leg rests, we closely check their strength! They must be stable. 

Variants of execution 

There are a lot of them. When we learn to pump purely technically on the floor, we can start doing it on 3 chairs. This allows for a deeper range of movement, and thus – better breast muscles. Similarly as in the case of bench press, the hand gap determines the stimulated areas of the cage. To attack the upper part of the pectoral muscle, the larger legs must be located much higher than the hands.


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