CLA is a very popular diet supplement for weight loss. From time to time new products are emerging in this market, because in the age of growing demands, researchers from all over the world are constantly searching for effective solutions in the fight against spare fat. What is this wonderful for many people product?

CLA – slimming with the support of linoleic acid

A weight loss product classified as so-called fat burners – CLA, is a conjugated linoleic acid (rumenic) belonging to the fatty acid group. Research has shown that it has a significant effect on the acceleration of metabolism and at the same time the increase in muscle mass. This is due to the important role played by the CLA in fat management in the body. Although the study did not show the mechanism of interaction in detail, linoleic acid is certainly blocking the enzyme responsible for the penetration of fat into fat cells.

Will these supplements help you lose weight?

In its natural form, CLA is found in red meat and dairy products, but in the latter in small amounts – due to the fashion for skimmed milk, yogurt, cheese or butter. Therefore, only the body’s dietary supplements help intensify the weight loss process. It has also been found beyond doubt that it is a very potent antioxidant and also strengthens the immune system.

CLA – Feedback on efficacy and side effects

First of all, it’s worth emphasizing that CLA is effective as a weight loss aid combined with high physical activity. It is then fully revealed that it acts as a fatty tissue reducer and a muscle stimulator. The ability of linoleic acid to maintain a reasonable balance between adipose tissue and muscle mass has been thoroughly investigated and confirmed. However, in situations where we do not practice any sport, the amount of the specificity should be carefully monitored and it should undoubtedly be lower than the physically active.

Although there is little to say about the negative effects of taking CLA, it’s known that too high a dose can cause an increase in CRP and a decrease in insulin sensitivity. It is also known that taking CLA can lower cholesterol, but unfortunately not only bad, but also good. Lycopene-containing slimming pills may interact with certain medications, lead to liver disease, and eventually cause dizziness and nausea.

Dietary supplements for lactic acid – Bio CLA

Despite some objections, linoleic acid preparations, such as Bio CLA (now foods), are safe for the body provided strict adherence to the manufacturer’s instructions. These dietary supplements have a positive effect on the metabolism and thermogenesis by blocking excessive fat absorption. They contribute to maintaining a shapely figure, and in combination with a lot of movement cause the increase not to the fat, but muscle mass.

Detox on herbal teas – 10 suggestions

So when it comes to Bio CLA supplements, opinions are definitely positive. More controversies can be induced by pharmaceuticals, such as the recent fashionable Alli which, unlike CLA, is a typical drug containing an active substance called orlistat, which inhibits the breakdown and absorption of fat. In addition, Alli requires an absolutely simultaneous low calorie diet and active partaking in sports.

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