Coffee, one of the most popular stimulants, has a beneficial effect on our body due to the large amount of antioxidants. 

Coffee contains large amounts of antioxidants, which are attributed the ability to prevent heart disease and cancer – for the first time observed by British researchers. It also seems that they are well absorbed by the body. According to the authors of the study, coffee can be successfully considered as part of a healthy diet, provided that it is drunk in moderation. 


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The team of profesor from the University reached such conclusions during the research, which consisted in measuring the content of antioxidants in over 70 different species of fruits, vegetables and beverages. 

Next, the volunteer group analyzed how different antioxidants are absorbed in the body after digesting food. 

One of the most interesting observations was the fact that coffee contains a lot of these compounds. Antioxidants are a weapon against free radicals, molecules that strongly damage cells and tissues and are attributed to the development of cancer, heart disease and aging processes. Until now, scientific reports have overlooked coffee as a source of antioxidants, but rather focused on tea, and it’s mainly green. Interestingly, the researchers also observed that some of the antioxidants are absorbed in the small intestine into the bloodstream, while others migrate to the large intestine, where they can protect against the development of this organ’s cancer. 

According to the researcher, the results of his team indicate that it is better to provide the body with antioxidants along with various diet components, such as fruits, vegetables and drinks, than to take special preparations.

“If the preparations are used, one and the same tablet can accept the amount of antioxidants at once corresponding to their content in 2 kilograms of garlic. So it is not a natural method – the researcher concludes. 


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