We usually reach for coffee when we lack energy and we feel drowsy.Some people drink it out of habit, and others like the taste of coffee.Consuming this aromatic drink can be especially beneficial for those who care about a slim figure.The caffeine contained in coffee is an ingredient of many supplements supporting slimming.

Coffee about metabolism

Caffeine supports metabolism and increases the amount of gastric juices secreted.When consumed in larger quantities, it has a thermogenic effect.Coffee also reduces appetite, but it lasts for a short time.Although the caffeine contained in the supplements is more effective than coffee, but drinking a popular black beverage can also bring good results.On the other hand, remember to not exceed the safe dose of caffeine.During the day, it should not be consumed in an amount greater than 300 mg.In the case of taking caffeine supplements, you should therefore limit or completely give up drinking coffee, especially in the case of hypertension problems.At this point it is worth explaining that coffee drunk in reasonable amounts is not harmful to health.The negative opine has accompanied her for ages, but recent studies have shown that there is no reason to give up coffee altogether.The healthiest coffee is ground, so it would be good to replace it with instant coffee.

Caffeine 200 Plus

Dietary coffee

Does drinking coffee always have a good effect on weight loss effects?Unfortunately, the answer to this question is no.If we want this drink to help us maintain a slim figure, and have not contributed to gaining weight, then we need to remember a few important rules.

First of all, coffee should be bitter.Cane sugar contains almost as many calories as white, therefore it does not matter which one is used.Some exchange sugar for a sweetener.This is a good solution only if you reach for natural sweeteners, for example stevia.Artificial sweeteners contain ingredients whose impact on health is still a debatable issue.


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Second, never add cream to the coffee.This applies to both liquid creams and powders.They contain a lot of calories and fats, particularly harmful trans fats.This does not mean, however, that we are doomed to drink black coffee.You can add milk to it.It’s best to choose it with a fat content of 1.5% or 2%.It contains vitamins A, D and E, as well as minerals, such as calcium and phosphorus.0% milk, like other fat-free products, is not good for the human body at all.

Thirdly, be careful when you are in a cafe.In such places, even those who do not drink them often decide to have a cup of coffee.Viennese coffee, irish cofee, coffee with vanilla ice cream … when you read such names, it’s difficult to refrain from placing an order.Unfortunately, coffee offered in restaurants and cafes are often caloric bombs.Before you decide to drink any of them, read the list of ingredients.

How to improve the taste of coffee

Some people enrich their coffee with calorific additives, for example with special syrups or chocolate.Usually, it’s people who do not like coffee, but they want to drink it, to add energy.There are several products that will make coffee taste better, but it will not become a source of unnecessary calories.Among them are cinnamon and cocoa.The worst is prepared syrups, which are caloric and contain chemical additives.

In conclusion, coffee may in some way help the fight against overweight, although it is not a wonderful slimming measure.Caffeine consumed in reasonable amounts is not harmful to health, but poorly prepared coffee can provide a lot of empty calories.It is therefore important to properly prepare coffee and not be tempted when visiting the cafe.


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