Question How can I reduce weight by 4-5kg without running out of the body, I have a month to compete?

Answer It is possible, but it is better not to leave it for the last bell.I estimate that it would be best to fight for two months with such ballast so as to be least tired.Weekly, we are able to burn 0.5kg of fat, if we drastically increase activity or reduce the energy of meals, it is possible to lose 5kg of weight.

A high protein diet can help – 5-6 meals with high protein content (eggs, in particular egg whites, meat, fish, skinny dairy products), reduced amount of carbohydrates (rice, cereal, potatoes, fruit) and fats.During the training period, we give up fats for a little more carbohydrates, and during the day the reverse.I mean healthy fats like olive oil, linseed oil, nuts or seeds.For the night we eat a meal consisting only of proteins – eg eggs (albumin) or lean cheese (caseinates), because these sources contain slowly absorbable protein fractions, which gradually release into the bloodstream, driving the night metabolism and protecting muscles against catabolism.


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Training if it is in our abilities, we can increase the amount / volume of aerobic training (eg running, swimming, cycling).If you go to the gym, I suggest you use the ACT methodology, about which you can read on the Internet by entering this phrase in the search engine or reading the previous issue of the RING magazine, where we described the subject of weight control.The reason is very important because we aim at not putting it to exhaustion, so it’s better to look after the weight.As soon as we realize that it is too big and not ready for the start before the start, because it can be badly reflected on the form on the day of the competition.

Supplements that help us speed up weight reduction effects

Question What supplements to eat so that the body regenerates faster?

Answer In my opinion, these are the following supplements

Question What strength training and how many times per week do you have when exercising a lot of martial arts training?

Answer I think that with a large amount of martial arts training, if we are able to introduce an additional session or two in the gym, without the risk of overtraining, it should be enough to develop strength.In brief the rules, when it comes to this training, the minimum of movements (3-8 repetitions), submaximal weights (using progression as training, we gradually come to them – I recommend a notebook with training notes and registration of loads).


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