Home-made meals are often considered healthy. In most cases this is true, because by cooking you control the selection of ingredients and their quality. However, you can make mistakes during cooking that make the meal unhealthy.

1. Frying on products with low-temperature smoke point

The smoke point is the lowest temperature at which the garter begins to decompose (for example, butter has a low temperature of smoking). The higher the temperature of smoking of a given product, the fatty acids contained in it are more resistant to decomposition. The dishes acquire the taste of burning and become harmful to our health. Fried product begins to degrade and release carcinogens. Acrolein is considered the main carcinogen.

2. Deep frying and reuse of oil
Deep frying is one of the unhealthiest ways to prepare food – it increases the fat content of foods, which in turn can lead to weight gain and obesity. In addition, most people have a tendency to repeatedly reuse oil, reheating the oil at very high temperatures increases the content of trans fats. Trans fats are associated with an increase in the oxidation of free radicals and a greater incidence of cancer. Therefore, you should not fry in deep fat or re-use cooking oil. Instead of deep-frying, you can fry in a shallow or oven-fry dish.

3. Incorrect grilling
The grill is considered one of the tastiest ways to cook food. However, frying on the grill can be bad. When fat from meat and marinade drips onto hot coal during grilling, smoke is created containing dangerous carcinogens. In addition, barbecued smoke can cause respiratory problems. Therefore, when deciding on a barbecue, dishes should be fried in trays so that the fat does not drip.

4. Cutting vegetables and fruits well before cooking
Fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamin C and many vitamins from group B. Vitamin C and some B vitamins are destroyed when exposed to light or heat. Cutting vegetables or fruits long before cooking contributes to this process.

5. Using plastic containers while heating in a microwave oven
Plastic containers are the most convenient way to store food when you bring your meals to work, but they may contain carcinogens that can penetrate into food when heated in a microwave oven – only ceramic dishes should be suitable.

6. Slicing meats and vegetables on the same board
When cutting meat on a wooden board, liquids leak out of it, which penetrate into the depths of the board. This makes it difficult to make a mistake – poisonous bacteria can enter the vegetables cut into it. It’s best to equip the kitchen with at least two boards or invest in a glass cutting board.

7. Cooking vegetables for too long
In this case vegetables do not become unhealthy, but they lose their values. Cooked vegetables should be al dente (in free translation “tooth”), which means slightly hard.

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