The Copenhagen diet is a diet that is used for 13 days. Thanks to this treatment, you can lose 4-8 kg or even 15-20 kg depending on your involvement. Rigorously used is one of the most effective diets. This diet is very demanding – if we only take a small amount of alcohol or a small bar of chocolate in the mouth, we may think that the diet is interrupted.

Many people use this diet to chew mint or fruit gum. Please remember that even this is forbidden, although it may seem that it is nothing that could harm.

This diet consists of eating only 3 meals a day. Morning breakfast, lunch between 12-14 hours (not later) and dinner before 18 hours (not later). If during the day we feel hungry, it is best to drink a glass of non-carbonated mineral water, which should satisfy us for a moment to forget about hunger.


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Starting this diet, it is worth choosing a time in which you will not party, you will not be visited by friends as often as on other days. Generally, there is no other temptation to eat something other than we should. It’s best to start 2 weeks soon to limit food, so that the body gets used to it a bit.

The nutritional plan should only consist of 13 days

Salt and its derivatives should not be used with meals. The daily intake of calories should not exceed 500-900. Every morning you should drink a cup of coffee with a teaspoon of sugar to stimulate the body to function during the day.

People with kidney disease, hypertension and digestive problems should not use this diet. Not recommended this diet is also people who go to the gym, are not persistent in what they plan and do not like monotony.

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Negative effects of the Copenhagen diet

The diet can be used only once every 2 years, because it very much weakens the body.

During slimming treatment it is worth taking multivitamin preparations, which certainly will not have a negative impact on the diet – on the contrary, the use of vitamin supplements can only have a positive effect.

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People who do not cope with obesity often decide on this diet and other diets do not help. After finishing the diet, you must remember not to return immediately to bad eating habits, eat at similar times in small amounts. Better often and less. You should gradually increase your menu to the way it used to be. Also, you should use more traffic, for example, to run, ride a bike, etc.

Menu for 13 days

DAY 1 nBreakfast 1 a cup of coffee, 1 cube of sugar 2 boiled eggs, boiled spinach 100g, 1 tomato 1 big beefsteak, lettuce with oil and lemon 150g

DAY 2 and 9 nBreakfast 1 cup of coffee, 1 cube of sugar a big steak, lettuce with oil and lemon 150g slice of ham, 2-3 glasses of natural yoghurt

DAY 3 and 10 nBreakfast 1 cup of coffee, 1 cube of sugar, 1 toast with wholemeal bread cooked spinach, 1 fresh fruit, 1 tomato slice of ham, 2 boiled eggs, lettuce with oil and lemon 150g

DAY 4 and 11 nBreakfast 1 a cup of coffee, 1 cube of sugar tart carrot 150g, hard boiled egg, natural cottage cheese 100g of fruit salad 100g, 2-3 glasses of natural yoghurt

DAY 5 and 12 nBreakfast – a large tart of carrot with lemon a large skinny fish 1 beefsteak, lettuce and broccoli 200g

DAY 6 and 13 nBreakfast 1 a cup of black coffee, 1 cube of sugar chicken boiled 150g, lettuce with oil and lemon 150g 2 hard boiled eggs, a large carrot

DAY 7 nBreakfast 1 a cup of sugar-free tea a piece of lean grilled meat 150g

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