What best describes a good shape for the summer? Unfortunately, it’s not a wide back, a large chest or bulging biceps. Your silhouette will never look aesthetic if you do not achieve one – well-sculpted stomach. It’s the narrow waist that greatly affects the achievement of the dream figure, both in men and women. How to work out a six pack? Here are 6 exercises that will lead you to this.

Why crunches do not work? They are too easy! If you are able to perform dozens of repetitions without major problems, you cannot be surprised that their anabolic potential is small. In addition, crunches will not affect fat burning in the same way as a complete strength or interval training do.

Often you hear that to carve your stomach, you do not need to train it – just reveal it. This, however, is not entirely true. Of course, burning fat on your stomach is necessary to obtain a tidy six-pack, but it does not mean that you do not work on your stomach muscles. The exercises presented by us will make the abdominal muscles become bigger, more convex and better outlined.

  1. Torso bends while kneeling

Torso bends while kneeling is an exercise that in a way resembles stomach crunches, but it has one advantage – it works. All thanks to the fact that you can progress very easily with the weight. To perform this exercise, however, you must have access to a high cable pull. This exercise consists of kneeling on a mat. By pulling the cable, you give the abdominal muscles extra weight. At the same time, it’s a much safer exercise for your spine as it’s easier to control the curvature of the spine and the strength is directed differently. When doing this exercise, remember to work mainly in the abdomen, not the hips. How to control yourself? Imagine that you are trying to put your sternum as close as possible to your pelvis.

  1. Plank

A popular plank is an exercise that looks easy on the surface. In fact, it requires enormous strength of the muscles stabilizing the body, i.e. the muscles of the back, buttocks and the abdomen. How to make a perfect plank? Lie on your forearms, trying to take on a relatively straight pose. Widen legs at shoulder width. The head is a natural extension of the spine, do not raise it up. Strain your abdominal muscles firmly and stay in this position for a while, for example 1 minute. We guarantee that initially, even 30 seconds will be difficult. When it comes to the plank, the stomach works mainly isometrically, but you will certainly give it some workout. An important matter: under no circumstances should you bend your hips, it’s dangerous for the spine.

  1. Overhang leg lifting

Raising your knees in the overhang is a very popular gym exercise. Unfortunately, it’s often done incorrectly. It consists of two phases. In the first phase, when we pull our knees up, the hip flexors are activated, because it’s the movement in the hips. Yes, the abdominal muscles work isometrically at this time, not allowing the lumbar spine to be bent. You can, however, maximize the abdominal work and perform the second exercise phase, i.e. lift the pelvis and draw the knees as high as possible to the chest. In this movement, the whole work is done by the abdominal muscles. Remember to do this exercise very slowly and do not throw your feet up. Along with experience, increase the difficulty and lift your legs without back support.

  1. Russian twist

You probably know Russian roulette very well, so it’s time to get to know the Russian twist. Contrary to what it might seem, it does not have much in common with dancing. Russian twist is an exercise involving abdominal oblique muscles, which are extremely important from the point of spinal safety. They work anti-rotationally, which avoids many injuries in sport. How do you make a Russian twist? Sit on a mat with raised legs and carry weight from one side to the other, e.g. a plate, kettlebell or medicine ball. This simple exercise will give you a huge workout.

  1. Wood choppers

Wood choppers are, just like the Russian twisty, an exercise that mainly engages abdominal oblique muscles. The name comes from the movement, which resembles the shearing of a tree with an axe. To perform the exercise, you need a low cable pull or possibly a retaining rubber hooked to your hips. Place the feet at an angle slightly greater than 90 degrees (relative to the cable pull) and turn the torso on slightly bent hands. Do not overdo it with speed or weight, because with a little inattention you may get an injury. Do not cheat and do not throw the weight – in this exercise, pure strength counts.

  1. Multi-joint exercises

Although exercises do not involve the abdominal muscles directly, it works isometrically stabilizing the figure. Use deadlift, squats or rowing with a barbell to further strengthen the abdomen. The worst thing you can do at the gym is to build only “favourite” muscles and forget about the muscles stabilizing the whole body.

Here are some ways to help you reach your dream of a six pack. Remember, however, that you will not be able to achieve it if you do not also stick to your diet and do not include fat burning exercises. We will add to consolation that although the development of the abdominal muscles takes a long time, you can discover them really quickly. Diet and training in motion, and you will make it before the end of the holidays!

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