Does the use of caffeine during creatine supplementation reduce its effect? Or is it a good connection? Does not one exclude the other? There are lots of opinions on the Internet, but most of them are sucked out of the finger.

“Creatine hydrates, caffeine dehydrates” – you can often hear it from people who are training or find it on websites. Is the use of both substances ineffective? To find out the answer to this question, please read their principle of operation.


Effect of creatine on the body

Everybody knows about the positive effects of creatine during strength training. Its biggest advantage is the increase in the ATP energy level in the muscles, which makes the training longer and more intense. Thanks to this, the results obtained during the exercises are much better.

In addition, creatine hydrates muscle cells, making the muscles appear larger and more inflated. Creatine is the most powerful supplement that makes it the number one in natural bodybuilding. To learn more about the operation of this supplement, read the article – Creatine – answers to the most frequently asked questions.


The effect of caffeine on the body

Caffeine has a very strong effect on the human body. Regardless of the form in which it is received, it has its pros and cons. The biggest advantages of using caffeine by people exercising at the gym are the effect of arousal and increased concentration. In turn, the downside of caffeine is its diuretic action. Caffeine has a diuretic effect, which can contribute to leaching from the body the necessary elements such as magnesium and calcium. However, can any amount of it cause undesirable effects? Well, no. In order to lead to noticeable rinsing of electrolytes from the body, you should consume doses above 500mg of caffeine per day (equivalent to 4-5 cups of coffee). If you have a properly hydrated body (you eat large amounts of liquids),you do not have mineral deficiencies and you consume caffeine in moderate amounts – this will not affect the performance you achieve at the gym. What’s more, consumption of caffeine in the right amounts will improve your achievement!

Caffeine and creatine – influence on each other

What effect does caffeine have on creatine supplementation? The direct impact of both products on each other does not occur. However, there is an indirect effect of caffeine on creatine. What does it mean? One of the effects of taking caffeine is washing away water from the body. Creatine, however, accumulates water in muscle cells. So according to this theory – caffeine reduces the effect of creatine. However, in all cases? No! For the dehydration effect to be a problem, you should consume very high doses of caffeine (significantly exceeding the maximum limit of its consumption). If you belong to people who can not recover without a small black, and you want to improve your results in the gym thanks to creatine – do not worry about anything. Remember, however, to provide sufficiently large amounts of fluid during the morph cycle.However, take caffeine with moderation and you will not experience any negative effects from the combination of both products.


Creatine and caffeine in pre-workout stacks

If you use pre-workout supplements, you’ve probably already noticed that many of their manufacturers use both of these ingredients in their products. If caffeine really did cancel the effects of creatine, none of the serious producers would dare to combine them. This is another argument that refutes the harmful effect of caffeine on creatine. If you want to learn more about pre-workout nutrients, read the article – Pre-workout pre-workout – which makes them so effective ?.


There is one “but” – coffee!

This is not a rule, but some people taking a dose of creatine and drinking coffee at the same time noticed delicate stomach problems. These problems were manifested by cumbersome twisting in the stomach, and sometimes even the desire for vomiting. It does not necessarily have to be related to the presence of caffeine, but the presence of dozens of other substances and the reaction of strongly acidic coffee! It is not known how your body reacts to it, so if you already drink coffee – try to do it properly before taking creatine.



Rumors about how creatine can be eliminated by caffeine are just a myth. If you are wondering about buying creatine, and you do not intend to give up drinking coffee, now you should not have doubts. However, remember, in all you need to have moderation – with taking caffeine too!

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