Many people believe that hundreds of “crunches” are able to burn fat around the navel, but unfortunately it has a negligible effect. How we will reduce our body tissue in this place depends mainly on the diet, hormone profile and individual conditions, such as the proportions of alpha2 / beta2 receptors on fat cells in this region.

The fact that research shows that during strength training for large leg muscle parts with a large number of repetitions, fat tissue goes down, of course … but also mainly from the upper body parts and not from the legs.

(The best way to reduce body fat is to create a caloric deficit)

Abdomen we also train complex exercises, such as squats and dead lift

To expand the abdominal muscles, the optimal solution is to exercise the abdomen 2-3 times a week during a strength session. Why not every day? Basically, all muscles can be exercised daily. Everything depends only on the intensity of our training. However, everyday giving yourself a bone is not very beneficial. Abdominal muscles, like all others, need time to regenerate. And it’s better to do two decent weekly workouts on the stomach, which will give us more spectacular effects than a few short ones, without proper involvement.

Abdominal training CAN give results contrary to those intended. Too elongated oblique muscles can change the proportions of the silhouette and widen the waist.

And since we are at the waist, it is a curiosity that some research has shown that weight training people weighted more than the supporters of aerobic training, but had smaller waist circumferences, which mainly indicates a lower level of body fat.

¬†Six-pack is a matter of low body fat – it’s enough to have little fat to make the cubes visible.

(The best way to reduce body fat is to create a caloric deficit)

If we want to strengthen the abdominal muscles, we can not focus only on the many places; It is also important to aim at the muscles of the abdominal and lumbar belt. Effective are: lifting the legs in the overhang on the rod, russian twisty, allahy, side slopes, Roman bench.

Areobic 6 Weider can strengthen the strength of your abdominal muscles, but do not make a miracle – they will not burn unnecessary body fat if you do not take care of your diet. And it certainly will not expand your muscles.

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