A very interesting system of cyclical training combining simultaneous maintenance and even increase in muscle mass, improvement of the quality of the fit, getting rid of the unnecessary fat. Perfect for a bodybuilder and especially for a bodybuilder. However, in order to train in this quite complicated way, it is absolutely necessary to fulfill several conditions 


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1. training session combined with relevant achievements in terms of weight, strength, level of self-discipline, age, training and dietary experience. No time to show a cyclic training. According to my internship min 2-3 years and decent mass and strength, age above Eighteen years. 

2. the right grade for men in the range of 12% -15% fat in the body, for women from 18% to 22%. You should test this level exactly, check the weights, or any tables that take into account height, weight, age – are inaccurate. 

deciding for cyclic training with too large bf-you lose time and for this you lose even more … the mass of fat in the body is very important in this case-and the values ​​given are really limit to make it work. if we do not stay within these limits – you should do typical fat reductions 

3. appropriate health – i.e. without reservations 

4. appropriate cyclical work also affects our physical and psychological form during the cyclical wide range of fatigue, discomfort, lack of energy, drowsiness to nutrition, energy. In responsible work requiring a good psycho-physical form it is worth considering whether to try this training at all. 

the purpose of cyclic training to get rid of unnecessary fats and especially fat resistant to reductions with the simultaneous increase (and already the absolute minimum-preservation of already existing muscle mass and strength) and improvement of the definition. 

that’s why this training system is often used before bodybuilding competitions, in a triplet-to fit in a given weight category and in a similar way in other sports. 

The whole essence of cyclic training consists in achieving during the given cycle using the right training and proper diet optimal conditions for fat burning and what is more important to increase muscle mass without risk of fatness. 

in such a state the human body is not too long – it lasts about 30-48 hours, later everything returns to normal. 

there are several main methods of this training that last from 7 to 11 days and are repeated up to a maximum of two months. The final cycle can be done after at least two weeks of training and nutrition change. 

here he presents the training in a 7-day cycle – probably the most suitable for people who are not professionally involved in sports – because you have to learn or work and still function in a normal life 


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the above cycle must be repeated about 6-8 times (ie, max 8 weeks). 

the first result can be seen after 6 days (eg increase in weight by about 3-4 kg), optical results after about two weeks – as colleagues from the gym will start asking what you are taking – it’s good – training works before starting this cycle, everything must be calculated accurately according to the given parameters. 

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