Active of dairy consumption involves a lot of controversy.

All you have to do is enter the milk password in the browser window, so that there are countless links to interviews, articles or discussions in which extreme opinions about the health consequences of eating this food clash. Therefore, it is worth asking yourself in the end about who really is right? Is milk and its products really are ideal foods, or maybe – as some say – poison? 


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When I read that milk (available in stores) is one of the most perfect foods created by nature, then I am surprised. Perhaps cow’s milk is indeed a perfect food, but only calves can fully appreciate its value. This food is inherently providing ideal nutritional conditions for the proper growth of calves, not people. Does this mean, however, that human milk is poison and our body can not in practice take advantage of certain advantages of milk and its products? Well, no! Dairy products can be a valuable part of our diet, but let’s be honest, not all and not in every case. It is important to make diligent choices. 

At the outset, it is worth realizing that dairy products available on our market differ not only in taste, culinary use and method of obtaining, but first and foremost in nutritional and health value. Completely different effects for the organism will involve the consumption of sugary fruit yoghurts, another kefir, and another short-ripened rennet cheese. Thus, the issue of health or silhouetted aspects related to the consumption of dairy products should be considered in individual examples. There are many dairy products that are definitely worth avoiding, but there are also those whose inclusion in the diet brings many benefits 


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