Dance therapy is getting more and more popular, and its visible effects are confirmed by specialists. Dance allows us to forget about everyday problems and relieve stress, it is a way to get to know our fears, needs, strengths and weaknesses. The quintessence of femininity is best illustrated by Latin American dances. They enable the release of suppressed emotions, which is the basis for conscious creation of their own image. They are extremely expressive and emotional, and their rhythm allows both to stimulate and harmonize the mind and body. 


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What is latino? 

The latino group includes five styles of dance. However, it is mainly salsa, cha-cha and rumba that are considered 100% feminine. Currently, salsa is the most popular. It awakens the imagination, improves the figure, and the science of so-called Cat’s movements allow you to bring out sensuality and make women just feel happy and beautiful. Whether we feel at ease and throw our memories of ourselves into oblivion depends largely on the leader. When dealing with a professional, we can be calm about the right conditions and a pleasant atmosphere. 

Confidence from dancing 

It is natural that initially the adoption of certain poses and gestures may seem embarrassing and even shameful. Remember, however, that we are not subject to any assessment, and we will feel great satisfaction from the progress made in the classes. Overcoming complexes and discovering yourself again will pay off at every turn. Interview, business negotiations, date and of course a flash on the dance floor. Knowledge of even a few steps and sensual gestures adds self-confidence, and after some time will have a positive effect on our overall self-esteem – says Marta Nemś from the Krakow Dance Center Ananday. 

Get to know the therapeutic power of dance! 

Dance is not only physical exercise, but above all, gaining awareness of your own body. Every move counts on the dance floor and even the most inconspicuous gesture. The woman on the dance floor becomes a real temptress, she must be aware of her uniqueness, sex appeal and sensuality. Gaining confidence in the dance translates into self-confidence in life. There are many ways to fight shyness, but choreotherapy is just great fun, and it really works. By signing up for a dance course, we do not lose anything, of course, not counting unnecessary kilograms and limiting complexes. It’s time to feel a unique and unique woman, discovering the healing power of latino rhythms. 


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