CULTURE – How much, what and when to drink?

Training depends not only on nutrition, but also on the state of hydration. Nutritionists give the following tips to ensure optimal hydration during training 

1) Drink the right amount of fluids 24 hours before the workout. Caffeine-containing beverages do not count because it works diuretic, which increases water loss. 


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2) Drink half a liter of liquids two hours before training. 

3) Drink lotions during training to make up for losses. The amount of these fluids depends on the climate and intensity activity. The volume of water is equal to its weight, so for every half a kilogram of weight less you need to drink half a liter of water. Try to drink 150-300ml of water every 15 minutes of training. 

4) Drink liquids cooler a few degrees from the air temperature in the summer. Flavor supplements help to supplement the lack of fluids. Use comfortable containers that you can have on hand during training. 

5) If you intend to exercise for more than an hour, eat 30-60g of carbohydrates every hour and drink 0.5-1 liters of water. This will help relieve fatigue. These carbohydrates will be consumed as energy if the intensity of training does not exceed 70-75% of the maximum oxygen consumption. If you choose sports drinks, check the content of carbohydrates in them too much carbohydrates can slow the absorption of liquids. 

6) If you drink large amounts of water, you will need some sodium in the sports drink to prevent hyponatremia (hyponatremia). Pay close attention to what you eat and how you feel during training; this amount is individually variable. By means of trial and error you will get to the right solution. 

7) Drink water regularly, not just before and after training. Gipper says Students athletes need lots of fluids. When choosing drinks in the canteen, I advise reaching for fruit juices, water or skim milk. Avoid the “empty calories present in sweetened sodas. 


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