Hours of pouring sweat in the gym, calculating calories, and finally – you have the desired figure. However, how to maintain weight after losing weight? You know that you can not go back to the old bad habits, but you do not want to starve yourself for the rest of your life. The golden mean is dietary awareness and practicing sports. 


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1. What is the yo-yo effect? 

The yo-yo effect is the fluctuation in body weight that occurs in a very short time. It occurs even when using a diet, but most often appears immediately after the end of slimming treatment. Most often it is the result of resigning from a low-calorie diet for the old menu. 

Other reasons for the yo-yo effect are too fast to lose unnecessary kilos, use hunger, diets with a small amount of carbohydrates, fats and other nutritional values, sudden abandonment of slimming. 

How to get rid of unnecessary kilograms once and well? First, increase the amount of calories consumed slowly. During the reduction, you consume a much smaller amount of calories in relation to your needs. Supplement this deficit gradually. Secondly, remember that to maintain your weight, you need to eat healthy and take care of physical activity every day. 

2. Dietary awareness 

During weight loss, you probably found out what your calories are. You do not need to make an energy balance from the table every time you take food to your mouth. All you need is healthy restraint, choosing healthy, unprocessed products. 

Dietary awareness will tell you that three chocolate candies will deliver as much calories to your body as a glass of natural yoghurt with fruit. Another comparison in place of one small fries from fast food, you could eat eight apples, and instead of a packet of chips – five wholemeal bread sandwiches. 

Orientation in this topic allows you to make good choices every day. It is important to distinguish healthy fats contained in fish or olive oil, from harmful fats contained in fried pork or the aforementioned chips. 

3. Eating habits 

To lose weight and maintain a great shape forever, you must permanently change your eating habits. Among other things, this is why specialists advise against all miracle diets – they can not be used for a long time. Food is a very important part of life, so you should not force yourself to eat healthy meals that do not really taste you. The key issue here is how to like healthy food? 

Wholesome dishes can be really delicious! Invest a moment in your culinary skills. Get a recipe book that takes into account the calories of meals. It is worth mentioning here about the British chef, who slimmed down thousands of Englishmen and more. Jamie Oliver is the perfect inspiration for you – cooking straight, tasty and healthy. 

It is not true that you have to spend big money to eat well. Healthy eating does not require purchasing health food stores. 

Also, know that empty calories cost the most. In the price of a fast food set (hamburger, fries, cola) you can buy poultry and vegetables for a delicious dinner for two. If you like sweets, find their healthy replacements. Try cookies from oatmeal, dark chocolate or cheesecake without sugar. Allow yourself for little sins – it’s better to eat a candy once every few days, than to throw yourself at the entire carpathian plate at the end of the week. 

4. Regular physical activity 

Sport should be your regular occupation. If you do not like aerobics or are tired of the gym, choose to combine learning with sport – sign up for boxing lessons, horse riding or Latin American dances. Thanks to the course, you burn calories and maintain your fitness. 

You can also use slimming tricks when you watch a series once a week, jump in while you are on a stationary bike. You will create a healthy reflex, and after a few weeks it will turn out that you do not want to watch the next episode on the couch. 

To keep weight after weight loss, train 3-4 times a week. If you do not have enough time to sport on a given day, make sure you go for a walk at least. In this way, you can keep your metabolism at high speed. 


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