Autumn’s diet introduces a change of decoration on the plate: colorful, warm soups and boiled vegetables substitute for salads. The autumn diet is supposed to be more caloric and more substantial than in the summer, check what to eat so as not to let fall coldness and infections

The autumn diet should provide healthy calories and coddle your taste. In autumn, when the temperature drops, the body requires more calories to warm up and more nutrients to effectively defend against infections.The autumn diet should therefore abound in warming and nourishing meals tempting taste.

Autumn diet – warming soups

Spicy, spicy, velvety – autumn soup is the best way to warm up from the inside.This diet will prevent hunger attacks on sweets, both those resulting from temperature drop and those that are an expression of longing for the sun. Vegetable soups and broths provide energy and the heat remaining in us longer than even the hottest tea.In the diet for autumn it is worth to prepare soups with root vegetables leeks, onions, beets or their mixture in our favorite vegetable soup – then we attach to them still carrots, parsley and celery. beans and lentils .The latter (especially delicate red) works great as a thickener.But we give up the flour added to the soup.The wonderful warming autumn soup is pumpkin with the addition of ginger.I can also, like the Chinese cuisine five transformations prepare a soup of power – or energy chicken and veal broth, boiled 4-6 hoursaccording to the theory of five transformations, long-cooked foods have an increased energy value (not to be confused with calories – the Chinese use a slightly different energy concept).


Warm breakfast – diet basis for autumn

.In the fall, forget about sandwiches or limit such breakfasts to one in a week.” Muesli with cold yoghurt is not the best proposal.In the autumn, it is much more sensible to eat scrambled eggs in the morning (not necessarily bacon, it’s better to make it in a frying pan without fat). Autumnal diets for traditionalists Those who are more likely to make culinary changes can prepare breakfast soups, for example from oatmeal or a mixture of cereals with dried fruits and warming spices of ginger, cinnamon and cloves, with a pinch of chili to exacerbate the taste. for autumn it draws you very much to sweets, you can prepare for yourself a portion of warm millet with stewed apples, raisins, a bit of nuts or almonds and warming spices. Millet contains valuable B and E vitamins and minerals, it is alkaline and does not contain gluten. slightly sweet taste andrelieve hunger for sweets.


Autumn diet – immune support

Meals you eat in autumn should provide us with ingredients that keep our immune system in full working order, as 80 percent of the cells responsible for the body’s immune response are in the intestines, so the supply of vitamins and minerals should be provided. find products in which there is a large amount of vitamin D. It plays a huge role in maintaining the efficiency of the immune system, its deficiency causes weak cells, destroying and removing bacteria and the virus is more important for our immunity than vitamin C. Vitamin D contains greasy sea fish – the most herring and mackerel, half less salmon, even less tuna, some vitamin D are also found in eggs and yellow cheese, Vitamin C is also important because we need it to produce glutathione, the strongest antioxidant in our body body. Turn onSo for the autumn diet rich in vitamin C, sauerkraut, spinach, rosehip, berries, citrus and kiwi fruit products.Vitamin A also stimulates immunity and will be provided by carrots, cabbage, broccoli tomatoes and peppers.Equally important vitamin beans, sprouts, seeds and nuts.And still valuable minerals – zinc, selenium and iron.The iron most contains meat.Sprinkle them with parsley, because it is best absorbed in the company of vitamin C. Zinc is in fish and seafood, legumes, pumpkin seeds and in eggs and soy.Selenium can be found in broccoli

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