Although it might seem that the primary goal of physically active people is to improve the condition and reduce the level of body fat, in fact many people are struggling with a problem of a different nature. Well, there are such individuals who, despite the fact that they eat a lot, can not increase their weight, and each additional centimeter or kilogram gained is a long-term struggle with too rapid metabolism. In this guide I will try to present a few simple rules of composing a menu for resistant, eternally lean individuals who are hard-pressed to develop musculature. 


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There are countless guides on how to eat to consistently improve the aesthetics of the figure.

Unfortunately, most of them concern nutritional strategies promoting fat loss. There are far fewer articles dealing with mass construction, and worst of all, the advice they contain is often very conservative, which makes them unsuitable for more resistant individuals endowed with ultra-fast metabolism. The result of this are the diets that are often put on the Internet forums desperate skinny, based on tasteless porridge on the water, dry rice, chicken breast and defatted curd eaten before bedtime. Let’s say it clearly and clearly this way of eating has not been, is not and will never be effective! 

If you want specific effects – you have to choose specific products. Based on skimmed cheese, lean meat and proteins eggs are not the best idea. Do not be afraid of fat, because it carries one very important value, it takes up little space, and provides a lot of energy (more than carbohydrates and protein combined). 

It’s enough that instead of breasts with chicken, you can reach for pork, beef, giblets, chicken legs, and bonus will provide you with an additional several hundred kilocalories. Add soft rennet cheeses (like mozzarella) instead of lean curd and whole eggs instead of proteins themselves and – abracadabra – another dose of valuable nutrients. Thanks to such exchanges, you can raise a significantly daily energy supply without having to buy a set of new, larger plates. 

Chicken breast with rice and broccoli served without the addition of sauces and condiments will never be tasty enough so that anyone after eating one portion would still like to make an addition. However, when you enter the fast food bar and order a hamburger, a portion of fries and a cola (about 700 – 800kcal in total), after eating it turns out that you would add another sandwich or at least a dessert. Not only that, if my favorite hamburger puts you under his nose after the aforementioned chicken and rice with broccoli, you would probably find a place in his stomach. Becoming aware of this interesting dependence is very important for understanding a simple rule if we like something we will eat more! So make sure that the dishes will be in your culinary taste. This is not the point if you would feed a kebab booth, because you will not get far in this way, but you would remember that the food prepared at home can also be tasty… 

In the fitness world there is a cult of proteins.

Protein is considered to be the most important nutrient in the athlete’s diet, which is never too much. Of course, this belief is not right, the protein can also be overdone and many people do it. In fact, a protein deficiency is rarely a limiting factor in the development of muscles. Sometimes even its excess can be a problem, because it speeds up the metabolism and, above all, reduces appetite. It has been known for a long time that high protein intake has an inhibitory effect on hunger – which is often used in the planning of high-protein diets. The daily supply of proteins in the range of 2 to 2.5 g per kg of body weight is also sufficient for physically active people. 

If you want to finally break the stasis and start increasing your size, you should follow the above instructions. Remember, your diet must consist of specific (and not defatted) foods, your meals must be tasty – you would be happy to eat more, and the supply of protein in your diet can not be too high. 


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