Supper is the meal that causes the greatest difficulty during weight loss.Preparing a dish that is light and healthy, yet filling and tasty is not easy.Dinner should not contain a large amount of fats and simple carbohydrates, due to the risk of not sleeping. Protein-rich dishes are a better option, which will not be deposited in the body as fat, because it will be used in the process of muscle regeneration, which occurs during sleep.Here are some examples of recipes for a good dinner, safe for your figure.

Salad with sprouts and feta cheese

While slimming you should eat a lot of salads, because vegetables and fruits are a source of valuable vitamins and minerals. The salad can also provide proteins if we add feta cheese to it, for example.An interesting proposition is a salad with sprouts and feta cheese.We need it to prepare it

  • – half a red pepper (100 g)
  • – half a yellow pepper (100 g)
  • – half a green cucumber (100 g)
  • – 10-15 g of radish sprouts or alfalfa
  • – 50 g feta cheese (10% fat)
  • – a tablespoon of olive oil
  • – a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar
  • – a spoonful of water
  • – pepper, oregano and basil spices

First, wash the vegetables and cut them into cubes, and then mix with sprouts.We mix olive oil, vinegar, water and spices to create a homogeneous sauce. Water the vegetables and mix. Cut into cubes of feta cheese and add to the salad, and then slowly mix the whole. You can get one serving of salad containing about 250 kcal from this amount of ingredients.

Italian salad

Another of the proposals for salad lovers is the Italian salad.You need to prepare one portion of 200 kcal

  • – 130 g cocktail tomatoes
  • – 2 leaves of iceberg lettuce
  • – 40 g mozzarella
  • – 7 green olives
  • – a teaspoon of olive oil
  • – a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar
  • – a teaspoon of water
  • – spices, for example basil, colored pepper

Cut lettuce into pieces, cut tomatoes into halves, olives into quarters, and mozzarella into cubes.We mix these ingredients.With the rest prepare the sauce, which pour the salad.

Cottage cheese with radish and chives

For supper you can also eat cottage cheese, which in 100 grams contains about 100 kcal and 22 g of protein.Cottage cheese fits perfectly with, for example, radishes and chives.We need to prepare a tasty dish

  • – 80 g spoon of lean cottage cheese
  • – 3 tablespoons of natural yoghurt
  • – 4 radishes
  • – a handful of chives
  • – a slice of graham bread
  • – a pinch of sea salt

The preparation of cottage cheese starts with the clash of radishes and joints with cottage cheese and chives. At the end, season the dish with salt and pour the yogurt. People who do not like radishes can replace them with a small cucumber, a clove of garlic or a piece of red pepper. Instead of chives you can use fresh herbs, for example basil, oregano or rocket.

Omelette with tomato and basil

On cold days, eat as much hot food as possible to strengthen immunity and avoid disease.For dinner you can prepare an omelette with tomato and basil, which contains only 200 kcal.The following ingredients are needed

  • – 5 egg whites
  • – one tomato
  • – onion half (about 50 g)
  • – a teaspoon of olive oil
  • – a slice of yellow cheese
  • – pinch of salt
  • – pepper and fresh basil spices

First cut the tomato cubes.Chop the onion and fry it in olive oil, and then add tomato and stew for about 10 minutes.We beat the proteins and the cheese is rubbed on a grater.Add eggs, cheese and spices to the tomato and onion, and then mix all the ingredients.We cook until the protein is chopped.

Pancake with cheese

Pancakes are a dish that you do not have to give up during weight loss, because there are such versions of pancakes that fit into a reduction diet.We need one to prepare one pancake that provides 200 kcal

  • – a heaped spoon of corn starch
  • – one egg
  • – a quarter of a glass of milk
  • – a pinch of salt
  • – 100 g of lean white cheese
  • – a spoon of stevia
  • – a pinch of cinnamon

The flour should be mixed with milk, milk and salt.It’s best to do it with the mixer to get a homogeneous mass.Pancakes fry in a teflon pan.We mix the ingredients of the stuffing and translate the fried pancake.


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Baked apple with cottage cheese filling

Another idea for a warm and tasty dinner is a baked apple with cottage cheese filling.Will be needed

  • – one big apple
  • – a small handful of dried cranberries
  • – two tablespoons of lean cottage cheese
  • – cinnamon

The apple should be washed and the nest should be hollowed out.Mix the curd with cranberry and cinnamon, then put in the fruit.The apple is baked in the oven for about 15 minutes, at 180 ° C. The cranberry can be replaced by raisins or chopped dried plums, depending on taste preferences.

These are just examples of tasty dishes that you can eat for dinner to satisfy your hunger, but do not make it difficult to fight overweight.It is also possible to use recipes for normal dishes and to replace some products with those that are more friendly to a slim figure.It is important not to limit yourself to a few dishes, because the monotony of the diet discourages you from slimming.


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