There is a belief among bodybuilding enthusiasts that meat is an integral part of the diet and without food such as steak or chicken breast you can not make good progress in the gym. This theory is firmly rooted and systematically heated by various publications appearing on internet forums or in the industry press. Is it really impossible to build impressive muscle strength or mass without meat? 


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Meat has been accompanying humanity since the beginning of its existence, and according to some specialists, it is the increase in its consumption that provided our ancestors with the conditions for dynamic development and an advantage over other primate mammals. Edible elements of animal tissues, ie meat and offal have many advantages, because they are a valuable source of high-quality protein, B vitamins and vitamin D, iron, zinc, as well as compounds such as L-carnitine, creatine or long-chain fatty acids from the omega 3 family. needed for the development of the nervous system. All this speaks in favor of inclusion of meat in the diet, but does it make it an indispensable element of a menu of people building mass? 

It turns out that it is not. In practice, you can make good progress despite the exclusion of chicken breasts, steaks or even fish from the diet. There are other products rich in wholesome protein, vitamins, minerals and fatty acids such as eggs and dairy products, which in combination with foods of vegetable origin such as vegetables, fruits and nuts and seeds make it possible to obtain a full spectrum of all compounds needed for growth. Personally, I know many people who eat meat and can boast impressive musculature and strength, just as I know a lot of people who eat huge amounts of steaks, fillets, and cutlets that look like the same for years. 

I would like it to be clear, I am not persuading people to give up meat or offal, and I think that they constitute a valuable element of a sports diet, especially for enthusiasts of body and strength disciplines who want to enlarge their musculature. I think, however, that the meat myth rooted deeply in bodybuilding dogma requires some verification. People refusing to eat meat because of culinary preferences, health problems or ethical issues can note consistent progress in training and in front of the mirror, unless, of course, they make sure that none of the necessary nutrients in their diet is lacking. 


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