Buying by weight is becoming more and more popular, thanks to the zero-waste ecological trend, which assumes the consumption of as little rubbish as possible, and also plastic packaging in which food is put. Unfortunately, what is healthy for the environment is not always healthy for people. This is often the case with products by weight. Why is the food without packaging harmful and what is worth giving up? 


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Food storage matters 

Vitamins, fatty acids, phytochemicals during food storage are sensitive to various factors. Light is one of them. While in large supermarkets, you do not care for access to natural light, in small stores products are set so that the sun can affect them. In the case of open food, sold by weight, it can be a big minus. As a result of the action of light, faster oxidation, among others most of the B vitamins, vitamin A, vitamin K and vitamin C. By the sun also increases the temperature, which can promote the destruction of vitamins in products. 

Another thing is access to oxygen. With closed packages, this is no problem, but loosely stacked products in large bags are constantly exposed to oxygen. It is through oxygen from degradation that they undergo vitamins A, C, E, D and part of B vitamins. The presence of oxygen is also associated with rancid products. This phenomenon is particularly associated with products rich in fatty acids. The longer the product is exposed to oxygen, the faster it rancid. Let’s pay attention to the fact that we do not know how long the food lies in the bag or container in the store. Perhaps the product was purchased in such a large quantity that it will pass even half a year before it is completely bought. Many things after this time will be simply inedible and may harm our health (after all, you can not eat rancid food). 

Food by weight is dangerous? 

The big downside of food is also the fact that we are not always able to control who touched the products. While in a situation where only the seller serves the position, there is no problem (people working in the catering must have a health book), in the case of self-service stands, the problem begins. In the case of products enclosed in packaging, there is no doubt. 

What products are better not to buy by weight? 

1. Nuts 

Nuts are rich in fat (on average about 500-600 calories per 100 grams of nuts). So you can not store them at too high a temperature because they will rush faster. The same applies to access to oxygen, which is why all nuts are best purchased in closed packages. Then we will be sure that the nuts have not oxidized. With open packaging, the absorption of odors by nuts can also be problematic, which will lose their natural aroma. If you want to buy nuts by weight, make sure they are stored in glass containers away from light. If they are in large bags or plastic, open containers, do not buy. Instead, choose nuts packed in small, closed packages. 

2. Spices 

Buying spices by weight is especially popular in large halls. In larger cities, people are increasingly using organic buying, which is why they choose spices that can be poured into their own cloth bags. Certainly it is good for the environment (we use less plastic), but not necessarily for us. Spices lying in big bags have worse quality – we do not know how long they lie so, they could have completely weathered and in effect lose their specific aroma. It is worth remembering that many spices maintain their unusual properties only when they are freshly grated. It is also affected by light and oxygen, so if you care about freshness and aroma, choose those spices that are tightly closed. 

3. Minced meat 

If possible, choose meat that is packaged. Minced meat in shops leaves a lot to be desired – they were used on a razor used throughout the day. The device is usually washed once a day, after the end of work, which makes the microbiological value of such meat significantly decreases. It is therefore much better to buy industrially produced packaged meat, because it is mass and continuous production controlled during production processes. 

4. Flour 

Buying flour by weight is not so popular, so if you decide to buy, you can find a musty flour. In addition, moths are often mucked in flours that are not stored in tightly closed packaging, which makes the product unfit for consumption at all. If you care about good quality (and also health, in the end you should not eat broken flour), choose those products that are tightly closed. Remember also to keep the flour in the closed packaging at home (for example, glass jars). 

5. Coffee and tea 

Real coffee lovers know that coffee should be kept away from light and closed (eg in a can), because thanks to this it will not lose its unusual aroma. Coffee exposed to oxygen will quickly heal and lose taste, the same thing looks with tea. So it is better to buy smaller amounts of seeds and leaves, which we can use relatively quickly, because thanks to this they will retain their taste and aroma. 


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