Autumn is a season that promotes the deterioration of well-being. Many people stop doing physical activities at the time and forget about healthy eating. Under such circumstances, a fall in form is a natural turn of events, and the health consequences of a passive lifestyle can be severe. Neglect often leads to the development and deepening of many diseases, including those affecting as many as 8.6 million Poles of hypertension. It does not have to be this way – it is enough to choose a walk instead of a comfortable chair and replace autumn gluttony with healthy eating habits. In turn people who are already undergoing high blood pressure should not forget about their therapy.

The way we live every day has a huge impact on maintaining normal blood pressure values. Therefore, breaks in activity or allowing oneself for a moment of greed, and in particular failure to follow medical prescriptions, can ruin the healing process. In order to properly care for health and prevent the development or exacerbation of the symptoms of the disease, it is important to follow a few simple rules for changing the current lifestyle.

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Diet – a natural medicine

One of the basic principles of prophylaxis of hypertension is the introduction of a balanced diet. A beneficial effect on the reduction of blood pressure is observed when consuming fish whose beneficial ingredient is unsaturated omega-3 fatty acids, containing potassium of vegetables and fruits, oil commonly used in many garlic ailments, as well as celery containing the active ingredient (3-n-butyl -ftalid) lowering blood pressure and cholesterol.

The restrictions relate to the avoidance of fatty foods, moderate consumption of alcohol and salt, which, through the sodium contained in it, increases the pressure. Properly selected diet affects the improvement of well-being and may support pharmacological treatment.

Turn the chair into nordic walking poles

Physical activity is another important issue. Let’s not allow ourselves to fall into laziness – lack of exercise promotes obesity, which is the most important factor predisposing to hypertension and cardiovascular complications.


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The recommended type of activity in the prevention and treatment of hypertension are regular aerobic exercises such as brisk walking, swimming or cycling. It is also worth paying attention to the increasingly popular nordic walking, which is the optimal cardiotraining for weight reduction. By throwing the autumn chandra challenge, and thus taking up the fight against hypertension, remember to give up cigarettes. Smoking leads to an increase in blood pressure and speeds up the heart rate, and with each burned cigarette, the development of atherosclerosis increases.

Collaborate with your doctor

Changing lifestyle is an important aspect of prophylaxis and treatment of hypertension, but it is not able to completely replace pharmacotherapy. If you notice increased pressure, consult your doctor. If you decide to include medication – you must follow the recommendations of a specialist and consistently take them. The main problem in the treatment of hypertension in Poland is its low effectiveness (12%) caused by poor cooperation of the patient with the doctor, and as Dr. Everett Koop (US chief doctor from the time of Ronald Reagan’s presidency) once said, drugs do not work in patients who do not. Failure to comply with the recommendations is often related to the fact that patients are not only forced to take many preparations, but they should remember to take each one regularly. Complex therapy based on the use of a ready combination of drugs in one tablet may help in solving this problem. Thanks to it, it is possible to replace several separately used drugs with one pill containing active substances present in previously used preparations. This method of treatment helps you get the right blood pressure to speed up the achievement of therapeutic goals.

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If we are now thinking of spending the autumn days in the comfort of our armchair, let us remind ourselves of health and try to implement these few simple principles that are part of the prevention and treatment of hypertension. Observing a heart-healthy diet, no smoking, physical exercise, and in patients regular taking of drugs will help maintain normal blood pressure, prevent exacerbation of the disease and, what is also important – they will not let fall in their mood.

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