What is Yoga Beat? 

Yoga Beat is an extremely dynamic training that combines elements of classic hatha yoga, dance and fitness. The whole is performed to a specially selected music, in which a clearly audible beat determines the rhythm of movement. 

During classes, you start with classic yoga positions, such as a dog with head down or a chair. Then the instructor modifies them by arranging a short sequence of movements connecting various types of kicks and supports. Transitions between particular positions are very fast, and between the sequences you have a moment to rest in the position of the child. 

During Yoga Beat, the instructor does not use complex Sanskrit position names. You will hear detailed instructions on how to perform the movement, eg lift the leg up high and move it to the right side. 


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Who can practice Yoga Beat? 

Yoga Beat is not for beginners. These are classes with a high intensity requiring a minimum of the average condition. You would know basic yoga positions before you come to the first training. Otherwise, you may get lost because the pace of change is really big! 

Yoga Beat is for people who have not found a traditional yoga class, but who want to benefit from it. These are activities for energetic people who like movement! What effects can you expect? Thanks to Yoga Beat:

your body becomes flexible, 

you strengthen and slim your muscles, 

you firm your skin and improve its blood circulation, 

you can relax, calm down and release emotions. 

What do the classes look like? 

I would not be myself if I did not try Yogi Beat especially for you. I went to, a specialist in this field, who runs Yoga Beat Studio in Warsaw and trains other instructors. Loves yoga and dancing, she claims to start yoga by adding dynamic and musical elements to her. 

I had contact with yoga and fitness before, but despite all this, I was afraid before the classes whether I could manage my condition. I was also very curious, how does yoga for hip-hop or RnB practice? 

Classes are intense, but everyone can adjust the pace to their individual possibilities. Many movement sequences start with a reinforcement in the dog’s head-down position, and then bending begins, moving the legs on different sides, ascents and excavations. It requires strength! 


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