We like to make life easier and food producers are well aware of this. No wonder then, that in stores you can easily get tiny cans of corn, peeled and cut Italian and … rice and cereal in bags, which no one pays attention to. Not many people cook rice without bags, which makes it less available. 

Have you ever wondered what effect plastic boiling in boiling water has on your body? Probably not, and it’s worth spending a moment here. If you find out how harmful it is, you may never cook rice in plastic again. 


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What does plastic cover? 

In plastic you can find bisphenol A (BPA), a chemical compound that resembles the female hormone estrogen. Thus, the absorption of bisphenol can adversely affect the endocrine system, and this in turn leads to the development of various diseases, impaired fertility, premature puberty, PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome), inflammatory conditions and even cancerous changes (hormone-dependent tumors – e.g. breast and prostate) . The problem with BPA is that there are no conclusive research results that would clearly indicate its harmfulness, because it is tested on rats and mice that die on average after two years. The effects of bisphenol on the body can usually be seen only after several years of regular contact with this agent, so it is no wonder that the animals do not notice any disturbing symptoms. However, we should be concerned about the fact that the producers of children’s products have mostly decided to withdraw bisphenol A from their goods, and in France the use of this chemical was completely banned. Bisphenol A can easily penetrate our body in various ways. By eating (for example the aforementioned rice and groats cooked in sacks, but also e.g. disposable dishes, bottles of drinks and water, articles for children and babies, kitchen utensils, varnished coatings inside the metal food cans), by touch and by respiratory system. Due to its similarity to estrogen, bisphenol A may contribute to the development of obesity, type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. There are also studies showing that BPA is not without effect on the work of the thyroid – it can interfere with it, which leads to, for example, hypothyroidism. 

Cooking in a bag is it really convenient? 

Rice, or porridge in sacks are convenient food, so you need to pay extra for comfort. For some, the argument in favor of cooking rice and groats in sacks is first of all the fact that you do not have to watch over it. However, it is worth remembering that if we pour over the rice and porridge with water and throw it into a suitable pot, in fact we will not have to watch it either. To be sure, you can mix the seeds from time to time so that they do not stick to the pot. If you do not like to cook loose grains, then it is worth investing in a rice cooker or rice porridge. This extraordinary pot has several options for preparing the grain – it can, for example, keep the dishes warm until we decide to eat a meal. In a special pot, rice is always powdery, not overcooked. Just pour the right amount of water, set the program … and it’s ready! Of course, it is worth checking out exactly what rice needs as much water as different types absorb different amounts of liquid. During cooking, you can check the pot on a regular basis and if necessary, add more liquid. The rice cooker is therefore a great option for people who would like to give up cooking in plastic, but are afraid that rice will burn to them. 


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