Active lifestyle is the best way to keep a slim figure.Movement is essential for health and fitness, and has a beneficial effect on mental well-being.It happens, however, that intensely practicing people do not see all the benefits associated with practicing sports.Some people complain that despite their regular activity their weight is still the same.Here are a few factors that can affect weight loss.

Getting used to bad eating habits

Physical activity is a very important element of weight loss.However, getting rid of excess fat requires a combination of movement and proper diet.If you’ve started going to the gym or running regularly, but you still eat a lot of sweets, eat a hearty dinner and can not refrain from snacking, then do not be surprised that the weight is in place.A well balanced diet will soon result in a lower score on the bathroom defect.Remember that you can help with some supplements, for example appetite suppressants.


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Too restrictive diet

It is also possible to reverse the situation, that is combining intense workouts with a very restrictive diet.Contrary to appearances, this is not a good way to quickly reduce weight.If the body does notget enough food, it starts saving the accumulated stocks.In people who use fasting, the metabolism is slowed down and the fat burning process is stopped.It is a natural defensive reaction of the body, so instead of fighting it, change the diet.Remember that fasting has a bad effect on your health and is fraught with high risk of yo-yo effect.

Low intensity and short duration of training

It is also worth considering whether the training is not too intense and does not last too short.Although a good training should not completely deprive you of strength or last a few hours, fifteen minutes of jogging three times a week or one visit to the fitness club every weekend is not enough to expect weight loss.

Health problems

Lack of weight loss, especially when combining training with the right diet, may have a health concern.There are diseases whose one of the symptoms are problems with maintaining a healthy body weight.It can be mentioned above all diseases associated with abnormal levels of hormones, such as hypothyroidism.Some diseases may initially not give other disturbing symptoms, so it is worth performing the appropriate tests even when the only symptom is the lack of weight loss.


Lack of weight loss despite regular training sometimes has to do with diet.The problem can occur both when you eat too much and when you are eating too restrictive diet.If the diet is good, look at the intensity and length of training.If you think that both diet and training look like it should, it’s worth checking your health.


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