Although the muscles are simply proteins made of amino acids

In their formation is involved a lot of various compounds not only building material, but also energy and regulatory. Lack of any element can effectively nullify your efforts to obtain additional centimeters and kilograms, which is why your diet must be wholesome, varied, based on solid foundations. In this article you will learn what to eat to provide the right dose of fuel for your muscles, thus enabling their effective development. 


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Muscle building can only be initiated if the body has the right amount of fuel supplied with food in the form of energy raw materials such as carbohydrates and fats. At the same time, there must be enough energy to not only cover the current demand related to the work of all systems and organs, but also to be a surplus capable of supplying metabolic pathways involved in biochemical reactions allowing the construction of new additional muscle proteins. 

Many people trying to increase muscle mass put a lot of emphasis on ensuring a sufficiently high supply of protein, but they forget about energy surplus and often lead to a negative caloric balance. The energy deficit means that the body, even with a large accessibility of building materials, is not willing to invest in the development of new tissues, because it has other priorities than the development of energy-intensive, and therefore very expensive, musculature. 

If you want to trigger muscle hypertrophy, your diet must provide the appropriate dose of carbohydrates contained, among others in wholegrain cereal products, starchy vegetables and fruits as well as fat present in fish, eggs, meat, dairy products, vegetable oils, nuts and seeds. Otherwise your effort and the buckets of sweat poured out in the gym will be wasted. What’s more – in the absence of energy, the body will start collecting bricks – that is, amino acids – from your muscles and in the act of desperation it will consume them for energy purposes. So not only will you build your muscles, but also some of it – you will lose! 


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