Short and on the subject It has been proven that it is enough to work with the average intensity in the morning to feed better throughout the day.

Movement not only has a positive effect on the amount of energy consumed, but also on how much energy we take with food. This is evidenced by research, during which women’s brain reaction was measured at the sight of food on the day they practiced in the morning and on the day when they did not undertake physical activity. It turns out that we have less appetite after morning exercises. But it is not everything.

When the ladies exercised in the morning for 45 minutes with medium intensity, their brains remained more resistant to eating. In addition, they were more active throughout the day, i.e. more moving than on the days when they did not exercise in the morning. The same effects were observed in women with normal body weight and in obese women.

The researchers also found that on the days when the training took place, the ladies did not eat more calories than on the days without exercise, so they did not compensate for the effort they had to put into training.

These were the first studies in the world that tested the effect of physical activity on the brain under the influence of food view.

However, it is known from today that motivation to exercise strengthens the motivation for a healthy diet. It is simply easier to make healthier “eating” choices when putting in exercise. You do not believe? Be sure to try. It really works )

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