If you’ve been training, eating and taking supplements for a long time, and yet your muscles do not grow, it means that you are making a mistake somewhere.

Probably in the throes of the fight for a better pump in training, for another one forced by repetition, one of the important principles of mass building has escaped you. Instead of thoughtlessly adding series and weights, or instead of stuffing one more sack of rice, stop for a moment and think carefully if you have done your homework and you know how to effectively support the development of your muscles. 


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Do not you think you do not have to train your legs because you run or ride a bike? Instead of squats or squats, do you prefer to do some extra series on the cage and biceps? Continue in your ignorance, cultivate disability, and the only thing you will earn is a disproportionate figure and muscle contractions. By training only selected muscle parts, you will not build an impressive mass. Believe me, 90% of men who come to the gym think they have skinny arms and a narrow cage, so they torture these muscle parts with redoubled power, neglecting others, especially legs. However, the remaining 10% of people who care for even development are recording satisfactory progress. Bet on basic, multi-joint exercises such as squats, strings, paddles, pull-ups, push-ups. 

A good training is one that will finish you off in an hour. Spending the gym all afternoon, torturing one muscle party with ten exercises aimed at attacking at all angles, or mindlessly adding an endless number of series is meaningless. Remember that overloaded training causes increased secretion of catabolic cortisol, increases breakdown of muscle proteins and hinders regeneration. Another issue is running a discussion wheel at the gym. If you belong to storytellers, I need at least a five-minute debate from … for each series.


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