Nowadays, classic Fat Burning or TBC is becoming a thing of the past. Why? Because we all want from training more than just feelings of fatigue! Perfect classes are those where you can also learn something. 

Taking part in the erotic exercise, we not only lose extra kilograms, but we can also proudly present the partner the fruit of daily training. Convince yourself what classes clubs and fitness offer and choose something for yourself! 


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Strip aerobics 

Its creator is Jeff Costa – a stripper, choreographer and aerobics trainer from Boston. During her original training, she uses chairs and pipes in her choreographies, and also shows the participants basic elements from go-go dance. Carmen Electra loves this form of exercise, she even recorded a series of films showing basic exercises. 

Pole dancing 

This type of exercise is done by thousands of housewives in Japan, as well as more and more women from Europe and the USA. What is that? Pole dancing is pole dancing! In addition to extremely sensual movements, this training engages all muscle groups to work, increases their strength and endurance, and also improves motor coordination. The famous supporter of pole dancing is Terry Hatcher, an actress known from the series Done on Everything . 

Comfortable sports bras

Before starting the exercise, make sure you support the bust. Only a good bra will guarantee your safety, comfort and sexy look! 

Cardio Striptease 

Cardio striptease is a rhythmic and sensual undressing. Through such exercises, women have a chance to get used to their bodies, get rid of shame, and additionally, they sculpt the figure and burn a lot of calories! 

Attention! If you lack the courage to do such exercises in a group, try to train at home. Remember to do it in front of the mirror, because only it will tell you what moves are the most sensual. 


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