BCAAs are branched-chain amino acids, which are a component of nutrients for mass. BCAAs stimulate protein synthesis and increase the secretion of anabolic (building) hormones, e.g. growth hormone. Branched chain amino acids must be delivered to the body with food or in the form of dietary supplements. Do you want to know what is the dosage of BCAA, how to choose the best and what effects does BCAA give you? All information can be found in this article! 


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What is BCAA? 

BCAAs are branched-chain amino acids that must be delivered to the body with food containing protein or in the form of dietary supplements. They constitute about 35% of proteins that build muscle tissue, and during training they are used as the first source of energy. 

BCAAs give energy to muscles during long-lasting and intense exercise, and delivered with carbohydrates have the ability to reduce body fat! BCAA supplementation, unfortunately, does not affect the increase of physical efficiency of the body. 

What action does BCAA have? 

BCAA amino acids are among the most popular supplements used by physically active people. Scientific research and daily practice confirm their beneficial effects on the overall sport form. However, many people forget that the validity of BCAA supplementation depends on many factors. It turns out that there are situations in which taking BCAA will not bring the desired results, but there are also cases in which its reception is a key issue. 

The right dosage of BCAA helps 

minimize sores, 

supports fat burning, 

accelerates the regeneration of the body after intensive training. 

Remember, however, that when planning BCAA dosing it is not worth relying only on circulating information and assurance from manufacturers! 

BCAA should be chosen individually. Before you decide on a given preparation, take into consideration 

the weight and composition of your body, 

the purpose of training, 

type of diet (the greater the calorie deficit and the lower the supply of carbohydrates, the more BCAA can do for the body), 

intensity of effort and number of workouts per week (taking BCAA is justified for people who train often and intensively), 

use of other dietary supplements (BCAA is present in many other supplements). 

Dosage of BCAA 

BCAA is recommended to be used before and immediately after training. 

The BCAA portion should be between 10 and 20 g per day. 

The product is best dissolved with 250-300 ml of water or juice. 

On non-workout days, you can take a portion of BCAA immediately after waking up. 

Are there side effects of using BCAA? 

So far, no side effects or contraindications to the use of BCAA have been reported. Remember, however, that – just like in everything – so common sense is the most important thing here. Stick to the dosage shown on the pack or the one your trainer gave you. Consider also the introduction of other protein supplements to enhance BCAA activity. 

The best BCAA can be found in professional sports stores. You can buy this popular dietary supplement in the form of powder, tablets, lotions or capsules. It is also worth remembering that the more expensive supplement is not always better than the cheaper one – the price of the preparation also includes advertising costs and colored packaging. 


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