Not without a reason grapefruit extracts are the ingredients of many supplements supporting weight loss. This fruit has become a symbol of weight loss. Additionally, it has a range of pro-health properties.

Grapefruit as an indispensable part of weight loss process

Numerous dietary supplements supporting weight loss contain in their composition a grapefruit extract. However, it is better to reach for a natural fruit. Studies confirmed that including grapefruits to a daily diet helps to get rid of extra kilograms. White flesh located right under the skin is abundant in precious ingredients, therefore it should not be removed. Grapefruit is a low-calorie fruit (in has 42 kcal in 100 g), rich in vitamin C (which perfectly supports weight loss), B-group vitamins (which also take part in sugar-fatprotein transformations) and it contains naringin (which improves intestinal peristalsis and accelerates metabolism). Grapefruits also decrease the level of cholesterol in blood, so they work well in the prophylaxis of cardiovascular system diseases. They have a detoxifying effect and help to fight with free radicals (preventing premature aging) and thanks to antiviral and antibacterial properties, they boost the organism’s immunity.

Grapefruit juice and weight loss

People who choose to take advantage of the positive properties of grapefruit, but in the form of juice, should carefully consider its choice. The safest option is squeezing the juice from fresh fruits on your own. A part of properties contained in white skin are lost, but it is still a better choice than buying a juice in a carton. While choosing juice in the supermarket, we should carefully read the label, as it may turn out that instead of slimming juice, there is a large dose of sugar or other sweeteners in the box. In such a situation, grapefruit juice not only fails to fulfill its slimming role, but it has a contrary effect.

Do not combine grapefruit with drugs

There are many compounds in grapefruits, which interact with some medicines. Therefore, people taking drugs should consult with a physician in reference to their decision to include frequent consumption of these fruits to a diet and take a space between taking medicines and eating grapefruits or drinking juice. Grapefruit juice has many advantages, but it is not suitable for washing down medicines.

Before peeling grapefruits, it is worth cleaning it with a brush under running water to get rid of chemical preservatives that the skin is covered with.

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