Many people do not start slimming down in the fall, afraid that in this way we will weaken immunity.But is there anything to be afraid of and whether the reduction of body fat can actually affect the immune system.And if so, how can this be prevented?

Can slimming reduce immunity?

Indeed, a slimming diet results in a reduction in immunity and susceptibility to viral infections.In autumn, in the season associated with infections, this is clearly visible.However, it is worth citing here the basic principle of scientific verification that correlation is causality.This means that although the weakening of immunity is often accompanied by weight loss, it is not the result of it strictly.So there are other factors that lead to this.


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What makes you lose immunity during weight loss?

Weakening of immunity during slimming is not the result of the calorie deficit itself, but the deficiencies that a poorly balanced diet may cause.Poor nutrition during weight losscan lead to the body lacking nutrients responsible for maintaining the immune system at a high level.The more so because a significant part of the cells responsible for the body’s immunity is in the intestines and is dependent on a healthy bacterial microflora.The role of the intestinal microbiome is very high.

What factors can be distinguished?

The most common factor leading to a decrease in immunity is the dysregulation of the gut microbiota.A very large calorie deficit may lead to insufficient nutrition of the probiotic bacteria responsible for our immunity.In combination with the lack of energy of the body, it is easy to imagine the effects of an autumn cold or a viral infection.

Other mistakes during weight loss are a selection of foods that do not provide all the nutrients.Lack of vitamins and minerals in the diet must have a negative impact on health, including immunity.Elimination diets are particularly dangerous, which assume that one should eat a very limited pool of products.If they do not contain all the necessary nutrients, they can lead to very serious deficits.An example is a poorly balanced plant diet that will result in iron deficiency and, consequently, anemia.

Exhaustion of the body

Another reason for weakening the body is the exhaustion of popular hunger strikes.Although a short one-day hunger strike can bring good benefits, long-lasting fasting is devastating for the body.Hair loss, nails breaking, weakened teeth, fainting – this is just the beginning of a long list of negative effects.You can also attach to it a decrease in the body’s immunity, but also, for example, disruption of the hormonal economy.So if you want to lose weight healthy, remember to avoid long-lasting hunger.The diet prepared together with the dietitian will allow you to lose weight while having energy and not feeling hungry.

How to avoid a decrease in immunity during weight loss?

The basis is always to arrange a diet rich in minerals, vitamins and other nutrients that favor the creation of a natural barrier against viruses and bacteria.It is worth eating full of vitamins fresh vegetables, silages that perfectly develop the proper bacterial flora and support probiotics in the form of supplements.In the autumn, you can also include more fish in your diet that contain valuable omega-3 acids that mobilize the immune system to produce leukocytes.At the same time, beware of empty calories and products that damage the bacterial flora of sugar, alcohol, processed foods, antibiotics or heavy foods.

Here you can buy complexes of vitamins and minerals

If you are afraid that there are not enough vitamins in your diet (eg vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B6, E, PP) or minerals (eg magnesium, iron, zinc, selenium), use food supplements or medicines that will deliver them.With the help of vitamins and minerals available in tablets, you can easily control the daily dose and you can prevent shortages.


In conclusion, you do not have to be afraid of losing weight, even during the season of viral infections.Remember, however, to ensure proper diet, hygiene and a good night’s sleep.Lack of sleep and stress can contribute to the development of colds to no lesser extent than poor nutrition.


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