Nowadays, we have many types of diets available – be it health or slimming.They arise thanks to numerous research, practice and experience of doctors and dieticians, and those more sensible and researched can be used by many people.One of such diets is Post Dąbrowska, known as the vegetable and fruit diet.What are its principles?Is it worth applying?

Dr Dąbrowska’s diet is one of the more restrictive diets aimed at bringing health effects. Its purpose is to cleanse the body of the remaining material, toxins and restore the homeostasis of the body.This is a two-stage diet, the principles of which must be strictly observed in order to achieve specific results.

The first stage of this diet is a cleansing hunger strike, which may last from several to several dozen days.Such hunger strokes are aimed at cleansing the intestines of unstable fillings and unnecessary deposits, as well as starting to use spare material, such as excessive fat tissue or muscle glycogen.

The second stage is the transition to a light and healthy diet and keeping it practically to the end of your life.This is to preserve the effects obtained and not burden the body once again.

According to Dr. Dąbrowska, the diet is intended for people with weakened immunity (eg patients with autoimmune diseases), with neurological disorders, disorders of the hormonal economy or with the metabolic syndrome.

It is worth remembering about the proper preparation and entering this diet and about being meticulous and cautious about getting out of it.

However, I would not recommend going on this diet without first consulting a doctor and a good dietitian.Sometimes some diseases and physiological conditions will be a contraindication to the use of this diet and you can do more harm than good.Do not use it on your own!

Dr. Dąbrowska’s diet is primarily the elimination of sugar, trans fats, wheat products, fat dairy products, meat and meat products, coffee, tea, alcohol, beverages, salty snacks, products containing food additives and processed foods.


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