Dukan’s diet was invented by Dr. Dukan. In other words, it is called a protein diet. Thanks to this diet, you can lose 15 kg in 3 months without even feeling hungry. Diet very well affects our psyche, because we eat normally but mainly dairy products.

The advantages of Dukan’s diet do not need to count calories, we do not have to limit ourselves to eating, we do not feel hunger, the products are good, healthy, achieve the perfect figure without the YOYO effect, confirmed by the well-known singer, we lose weight without exertion.

Disadvantages of Dukan’s diet nmonotility of meals, in the first days we can feel tiredness and weakness, constipation can occur.

People suffering from the following diseases can not use Dukan’s diet

Dukan’s diet is based on natural products and those that we can find in any store. An additional advantage is that we do not count calories or weigh the products we consume.

Dukan’s diet consists of 4 phases, it must be remembered that each phase needs to be taken over in order to give it the desired effect.


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1 – attack phase

Thanks to the first phase, we lose the largest amount of kilos, which motivates us to continue cooperation with the diet. In the first phase, we should eat as much lean meat and dairy products as possible. Meat is best eaten from the grill or oven, lean chicken products, dairy products such as yoghurts, buttermilk, kefirs, white cheese, also fish in any form, e.g. smoked, seafood and eggs. The body can be stimulated with sharp spices such as chili, mustard, vinegar and salt. You can also drink drinks such as coffee, tea or some herbs.

It should last for 5 days and during this time it is not recommended to eat other products, because it can spoil the effect of weight loss.

Lean beef meat (avoid entrecotes and chips – they are too greasy), veal (chops with bone only after removing fat), horsemeat (everything except patches). Pork and lamb are prohibited.

Offal calf liver, beef liver, poultry liver and tongue. We avoid greasy parts.

Fish sardine, mackerel, tuna, salmon, sole, cod, sea bream, perch, merlan, reja, trout, burbot and other white and skinny fish, smoked fish, fish in cans (only in the own sauce).

Seafood crustaceans and molluscs such as shrimps, crabs, lobsters, oysters.

Poultry with flat beaks such as ducks and geese are forbidden. The remaining birds are allowed (the condition is without skin intake). The most popular representative of this group is of course chicken.

Lean meats are low-fat products (up to 4%). Real ham, knuckle, smoked ham are unfortunately forbidden in the first phase of the protein diet.

Eggs in any form.

Skinny yogurt dairy, cottage cheese (without fat), homogenized cheese. Products with fruit flavors are allowed, however in moderate amounts (max twice a day).

Liquids this category is the only obligatory for anyone commencing a slimming treatment. It is necessary to consume a minimum of 1.5 liters of liquids in any form (water, coffee, tea, drinks) per day.

Additional measures lean milk, sweetener (sugar is forbidden), vinegar, thyme, herbs, garlic, parsley, onion, chives. Spices are the most recommended (they strengthen the feeling of satiety).

2 – alternating phase

In this phase, we can enrich our food with raw or boiled vegetables. Vegetables such as radishes, broccoli, spinach, asparagus, lettuce, cucumbers, celery, cauliflower, peppers, carrots and beets. The change in this phase consists in eating alternately. It means once every 5 days we eat the menu from stage 1 and for the next 5 days we have a varied menu, that is with vegetables. The duration of this phase depends on the person’s body and the number of kilos that a person wants to lose. It is permissible for this phase to last even several months.

Vegetables allowed tomatoes, cucumbers, spinach, radishes, leeks, asparagus, green beans, cabbage, mushrooms, celery, dill, lettuce, chicory, chard, eggplants, zucchini, peppers, carrots and beets (in moderate amounts).

Vegetables forbidden potatoes, rice, corn, peas, green peas, broad beans, lentils, beans, artichokes.

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3 – fixation phase

In Dukan’s diet this is the most important stage, because in this phase we try to maintain our weight which we want to have. If we maintain a good course of food, we will go without the so-called effect. jojo. The phase should take proportionally, i.e. for every 1 kg of 10 days of the diet dropped.

The diet can add products such as cheese (a few slices), wholemeal bread (2 slices), pasta, potatoes, rice (but only 2 times a week which of the products). Fruit without high sugar content (avoid bananas, cherries, grapes).


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4 – final stabilization phase

This stage should bring the dream figure. Once a week, we return to the 1st stage of the diet. We drink 2 liters of water every day. On other days, we do not forget about a full dairy breakfast. You can not add sugar to coffee or tea. You can not eat sweets – biscuit or oatmeal cake eaten once in a while conditionally allowed.

An example of a menu

Stage 1 nBreakfast: lean curd, a few slices of lean ham, tea nRain buttermilk, chicken from foil nCollection of seafood cake, scrambled eggs nTo drink 1.5l of water a day

Stage 2 nBreakfast natural yoghurt, a few slices of cheese nHealthy yoghurt, turkey grilled with stewed vegetables, soy sauce and herbs nCrada carrot salad, a few slices of ham nTo drink 1.5l of water a day

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