Physiological reason 

I do not have good news for you. The series of diets and the following yo-yo effects affect the physiology of the human body. A delicate balance of hormones responsible for controlling appetite is disturbed. Extreme diets and very high caloric restriction result in reduced leptin secretion. Leptin is a hormone that makes you feel full and hungry. At the same time, the concentration of ghrelin increases, which intensifies the feeling of hunger. 


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Unfortunately, this happens not only during the duration of the diet, but also after its completion. For this reason, after a normal lunch, you do not feel as full as you once did, you eat more and you drink. This effect makes you weigh more than a few weeks after your diet. 

Psychological reason 

Repeatable cycles of slimming – weight gain, restrictive diet – overeating affect negatively not only the body, but also the mind. Each time it deepens your unhealthy relationship with food, in which you share food for good and for bad. Every trip with friends, business meeting or family dinner becomes extremely stressful for you, because there will be food! You start to avoid social situations, stay at home and … eat more! 

Very often miracle diets are based on the elimination of a large group of products, eg everything that has gluten. You tried – you lost weight, but you could not stand it and you did the yo-yo effect. What happens when you decide to take another slimming test? You eliminate even more – you put away the gluten (it worked for a while), but also dairy products. Each subsequent diet is more and more restrictions and an increasing risk of nutritional deficiencies and permanent release of metabolism. 

Start with yourself! 

If you want to break this vicious circle, start by changing the perception of your own body. I have been working as a dietitian for 11 years and I do not know a person whose self-loathing would help achieve success in slimming. D your body for what it can do today, but do not forget that you are a human and define you much more than just a figure on the bathroom scale! This is perhaps the most valuable slimming advice I can give you! 


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