Losing weight to run smoothly requires not only motivation and strong will, but also adequate supply of nutrients. We can say that the body could reach for fat reserves at all, it must know that appropriate conditions are provided, otherwise it will start to defend itself by securing tons of cortisol – a hormone that makes the reduction of adipose tissue extremely difficult. 

Thus, mindless practices involving the drastic reduction of energy supply or skipping the issue of proper supply of building and constructional scalers quickly bring metabolism to the downturn. 


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Unfortunately, many people live in the mistaken belief that to effectively get rid of excess kilograms simply simply eat less. As you can see, food intake can be drastically reduced for a week, up two, and then the stairs appear, the appetite grows to such a size that it is impossible to control and finally we throw on food. So instead of fighting your own physiology, you should meet her and …. eat, but with your head. 

First of all, it’s worth eating breakfast in the morning. This does not mean, however, that you should force yourself to it, or push yourself in the morning a ton of cereals, bread, jams or fruit yogurts. As part of the first meal during the day you need to provide a solid portion of protein – why? Well, the protein has two basic values ​​on the one hand, suppresses the appetite for a long time, on the other it acts thermogenic, that is, it boosts the metabolism by increasing the expenditure of energy. After omel with vegetables and bran, a pleasant feeling of fullness will accompany you at least until noon. What’s more, you will also notice that your brain does not work much worse without a solid portion of sugars, and indeed surprises with long-lasting freshness. 

Around noon, it is worth eating a second meal, preferably in the form of a salad of grilled meat and fresh vegetables, or even mozzarella with tomato and olive oil with the addition of herbs such as basil (caprese). If you do not have time for such dishes, bring a packet of walnuts or almonds with you to school or work , a portion of fruit and a cup of kefir or natural yogurt and voila! Here you have a fast, high-quality and extremely filling second breakfast. A good alternative is a wholemeal bread sandwich. Do not skip this meal and do not substitute snacks such as candy bars or cakes


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