Do you want to lose weight faster? Reach for products that support fat loss.


Greek yoghurt

High protein content in this type of yogurt makes it a tasty and effective stimulant of weight loss. Greek yogurt contains twice as much protein as plain yogurt. This makes it longer digested so that after we eat longer we are satisfied. What’s more, the body uses more energy to digest proteins than carbohydrates.

Quinoa or quinoa

The glass of this product contains 8 g of protein and 5 g of fiber. It’s easy to prepare – it’s cooked like rice. It also contains iron, zinc, selenium and vitamin E. To prepare a delicious dish, cook quinoa, add stewed vegetables and sliced, roasted (grilled or fried on a small amount of fat) chicken.

Hot pepper

It contains capsaicin, which speeds up metabolism and suppresses appetite. It has been observed that spicy foods make people eat smaller portions.


Scientific research shows that cinnamon has the ability to stabilize blood sugar levels, which facilitates the control of appetite. Try adding it to coffee, tea, yogurt. With it, you can give up sugar, or sweetener, if you use it, and this is another saving of calories.

Green tea

It is rich in catechins that modify metabolism. To get a significant slimming effect, it is worth drinking a few cups of green tea daily. Catechins have been found to be particularly effective at reducing abdominal fat.


Why this fruit is conducive to slimming you read here Are grapefruits slim?


Products rich in water, and this is a watermelon, fill the stomach, leaving less room for more caloric foods. In addition, watermelon contains lycopene – an antioxidant and vitamins A and C.

Apples and pears

Eat it together with the peel, which will make a large portion of water with fiber come to the stomach. Fruit juice is not the same, because it is free of fiber, so in the case of people who lose weight, changing fruit portions into a glass of juice is not a good idea.

Grapes, but not raisins

It is because of the high water content that grapes are worth eating. Raisins are nothing more than dried grapes, and therefore devoid of water. Two scallops of grapes have the same calories as 1/4 of the scales of raisins.


They contain water and fiber and at the same time are sweet, so you can satisfy them with an appetite for sweets. For this they are healthy because of the extremely high content of antioxidants.

Raw vegetables

They are low-calorie, high in fiber, vitamins and appetizingly crunchy. Half a glass of chopped celery sticks only 8 kcal. Try to chew the scraped carrot dipped in Greek yogurt with the addition of cinnamon or ginger – yummy!


Scrambled eggs, soft-boiled eggs or hard-boiled eggs are the perfect breakfast main course, because hunger longer than cereal with milk will last longer. One egg is 75 kcal and 7 g of full-value protein.


Coffee stimulates the metabolism to a small extent, but nevertheless. Do not ruin this effect, sugar!


Each soup, except this richly seasoned sour cream, is a super-product supporting slimming. Eaten before the main meal prevents you from eating a more caloric second dish. If it contains vegetables, it provides fiber, which is a very important ingredient in an effective slimming diet.


Their advantage is raw vegetables and the addition of protein in the form of meat, beans or fish. A good idea is to eat the salad before the main course. The only thing to watch out for when preparing a salad is a sauce. We recommend vinaigrette dressing made from fresh olive oil and vinegar mixed with salt and pepper. You can read about the advantages of apple vinegar in the material Natural support weight loss.


In controlled amounts (because they are very caloric!) They are a perfect supplement to your diet. They provide fiber, protein and health-promoting fatty acids. Eaten in moderation, they support slimming and lower cholesterol.


Specialists say that fish protein is better than protein from chicken breasts or beef! Many fish have low-fat meat, although fish from cold waters are very greasy. However, they contain health-beneficial omega-3 acids that protect the heart.


A good source of protein not only for vegetarians! They also contain a lot of fiber, which helps control your appetite. A glass of beans is 12g of fiber, only 4g of fat and 15g of protein!

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