Tomato is a plant originating from South America, counted among the Solanaceae family.An interesting fact is that even 200 years ago it was considered poisonous.Over time, it was not only discovered that tomatoes can be eaten without fear, but also their health benefits were appreciated.


Tomato is one of the most valuable sources of potassium – an element that is essential for the proper functioning of the heart and muscles, positively affects the nervous system and psychological well-being, regulates blood pressure, helps in times of fatigue and helps remove excess water from the body. In 100 grams of tomatoes there is approximately 237 mg of potassium.

Vitamin C

Support for the cardiovascular system is also vitamin C. It is another substance that occurs in tomatoes in large quantities. Ascorbic acid also has other valuable properties – it regulates cholesterol levels, stimulates collagen production, has a positive effect on the eyesight and strengthens immunity.


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By consuming tomatoes, we provide our body with lycopene, one of the best antioxidants.Lycopene is a carotenoid that supports the circulatory system and, as a result, reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke.It also has neuroprotective properties and thus protects nerve cells.Responding the amount of lycopene reduces the likelihood of atherosclerosis and cancer.It’s good to know that it’s an antioxidant that absorbs the presence of fat better, so it’s a good idea to add a little olive oil to your tomatoes.

Not for everyone

Unfortunately, not everyone can afford the benefits of eating tomatoes.Some people are allergic to tomatoes.For this reason, it is recommended to gradually introduce them to the children’s diet.Particular attention should be paid to people suffering from autoimmune diseases or gout, because with such diseases, eating vegetables from the family of solanaceous plants is not recommended.Tomatoes with peel may irritate the stomach, resulting in abdominal pain and vomiting.If you have a sensitive digestive system, then you should eat tomatoes peeled.

Slim silhouette

It is worth to include tomatoes in your diet if you dream of a slim figure.100 grams of tomato provides only 18 kcal.In addition, this vegetable contains a large amount of fiber.The fact that tomatoes are an ally of a slim figure can be proved by the fact that a special tomato diet has been developed.


Cucumber is a plant derived from Central Asia.Probably for the first time they were grown in India, at the foot of the Himalayas.In the seventeenth century they came from Byzantium to Poland, and thus spread to the countries of Western Europe.Currently, cucumbers are grown in temperate and warm countries.


In 100 grams of cucumber there is about 15 mg of calcium.This is a macroelement that affects the nervous system and the permeability of cell membranes, as well as the condition of bones and teeth.It is needed for proper blood clotting and muscle work.

Effect on the figure

Cucumber is another vegetable that is worth eating while slimming.In almost 97% it consists of water.In 100 grams of cucumber there is only 12 kcal.What’s more, the cucumber has a beneficial effect on the digestion and accelerates the burning of stored fat.Eating cucumbers improves intestinal function and prevents constipation.

For an attractive look

Cucumber is a vegetable that has found a wide application in cosmetics.Cucumber juice is a component of many cosmetics, especially those with cleansing and brightening effect.Slices of tomato located on the eyes reduce signs of fatigue.

Tomato and cucumber together?

For many people tomato and cucumber are the perfect additions to sandwiches.However, you can meet with the information that these vegetables should not be consumed together.This combination does not lead to the production of any harmful substances, so eating them together does not pose a health risk.However, it is worth remembering that in cucumbers there is an enzyme called ascorbinase, which breaks down vitamin C. If you eat tomatoes and cucumbers together, then your body will receive a lower dose of ascorbic acid.One teaspoon of cucumber juice can neutralize vitamin C contained in even 3 liters of tomato juice.When discussing the subject of cucumbers and tomatoes, it is worth noting that they should not be stored in the fridge.It is believed that low temperature prevents spoilage and makes large vegetables remain fresh.Meanwhile, storing them in the refrigerator makes them spoil faster.


Cucumber and tomato are vegetables, of which it is worth making an important element of the menu, especially during slimming.Consuming them together is not harmful, but leads to incorrect absorption of ascorbic acid.It is worth remembering that the already mentioned enzymes decomposing vitamin C neutralize ascorbic acid contained not only in tomatoes.For this reason, it is recommended to keep some time between eating cucumber and drinking lemon tea or consuming grapefruit.


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