Anyone who has lost weight at least once in a lifetime knows that it is not easy to get rid of extra kilos, and the recommendations according to which you only need to eat less and move, they only sound wisely in theory and in practice do not get to the heart of the problem. It is necessary to know what to eat and how to eat so that the body does not rebel too much against the introduced restrictions, and also appropriate physical activity should be introduced so that the fat is effectively burnt. Unfortunately, in the maze of information, golden rules and universal recommendations, there is a large number of myths repeatedly around, which should be definitely disposed to unnecessarily distract our attention and be able to concentrate on what is important. 


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Do you think that you can not burn fat without running a few dozen minutes a day at least five times a week? Do you think that without a solid portion of aerobics, you can not mobilize the body to run energy reserves stored in the area of ​​the waist, hips or chest? Well, you’re in a big mistake. Of course, aerobic training can be very helpful in fat burning, but it is not necessary for this. During the low-intensity effort (60-70% HR) in the aerobic zone, in fact, fatty acids may be the main energy substrate used by muscles, however, research conducted with the participation of runners showed that this type of effort does not necessarily lead to improvement of body composition and body degeneration . In practice, higher intensity efforts (eg interval training) work better because they not only allow you to turn up the metabolism for a longer time, which also burns more energy after the end of the effort, but also significantly improves many metabolic parameters such as insulin sensitivity, which leads to improved energy management of the body and facilitates the improvement of body composition. 

This myth is largely connected to the previous superstition and it concerns basically the necessity to perform long aerobic sessions as part of reduction procedures, because – as everyone knows, the body starts to use fat reserves after a certain amount of time, initially the main source of energy is glycogen. So if in accordance with this principle you are convinced that it is better to do one longer, eg one hour longer aerobic workout than four shorter, fifteen minutes or even six ten-minute sessions during the day with similar intensity, then you are wrong. It is enough to analyze the results of research to see that shorter and more frequent trainings do not only give worse results than rarer ones – and longer ones, but potentially they can have a certain advantage over them, resulting in greater fat loss and less muscle loss (which may be related to be, among others, with a lower response from cortisol – a catabolic hormone that hinders work on the body composition). 

If you have naively trusted the famous slogan that says you are what you eat and the slimming action you started by eliminating all of the fat-containing foods from the diet, then it is time you revised your approach. The conviction that the amount of fat consumed translates into its level in the body is not justified. In fact, it is not an excess of one ingredient in the diet, but a set of many factors lead to weight gain and make it difficult to reduce it. In practice, you can eat very thin and not only lose weight, but also gradually grow fat. This can be caused by carbohydrates, which are not only easily converted into fatty acids in the body, but additionally stimulate the activity of the hormone conducive to the accumulation of reserves in adipose tissue and obstructing its burning – that is insulin. Permanent overeating with sugar, even in extremely low-fat diet, can lead to disturbances in the insulin-glucose economy, lipid metabolism, impair mechanisms responsible for hunger control and not only effectively block fat reduction, but also deepen the problem of excessive body weight


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