To this day, there are dozens of ingrained myths associated with eggs. They were supposed to cause heart disease, hypercholesterolemia, infertility and be a source of all kinds of health ailments. Unfortunately (for the eulogists of myths), the fears related to eggs have not been confirmed in scientific research. 


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It turned out that 

Another scientific study from Sydney 1 sheds light on dietary advice about avoiding excessive egg consumption. It turned out that even eating up to 12 eggs per week for one year did not increase the cardiovascular risk in people with early-stage diabetes or type II diabetes. The study confirms only previous observations concerning a narrower period of time, because it only covers 3 months of using a specific diet. 

The course of the experiment first participants for 3 months provided either 12 eggs a week or less than 2 eggs a week. No differences were found in cardiovascular markers after 3 months. In the next three months, participants switched to a reduction diet (eating eggs with the same division as before). Over the next six months, the participants still ate a certain number of eggs according to the group’s allocation. 



The application for avoiding eggs is not a good health strategy, even for people with diabetes onset or developed type II diabetes. 


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