Regardless of how much fat you have decided to get rid of, sooner or later the time comes when the weight indicates the desired result.It means that slimming has come to an end.For many people, the joy of achieving their goal is mixed up with doubts about what to do next.How does the end of weight loss affect your future life?

To not put on weight again

There is no doubt that after obtaining the right weight one should not continue the diet used during the reduction, because it would lead to a further, already undesirable decline in body weight.However, on the other hand, the end of weight loss can not be tantamount to a return to old eating habits that led to overweight.Most people who have recently regained normal body weight declare that they will never return to past mistakes.Unfortunately, according to statistics, after two years from the end of the reduction diet, only half of the people still weigh the same, while in others the weight increases again.Return to old habits rarely occurs suddenly.Usually unfavorable changes are introduced gradually.The necessity to stick to the correct rules of nutrition throughout life may seem difficult, but it will certainly be easier for you than when you had to bring them into your life and give up your habits. Remember that after the end of weight loss you have more freedom than during the reduction diet.


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Optimal diet

To determine the right diet for you, you need to calculate your calorie needs.This is not a difficult task, because there are calculators available that will make the necessary calculations as soon as you provide the required information.This does not mean, however, that the reduction diet can immediately go to the diet, which is to allow the preservation of the current body weight.The transition should be gradual.The so-called stabilization phase, also known as the phase of getting out of the diet, reduces the risk of the yo-yo effect.It involves a gradual extension of the diet and slow withdrawal of supplements supporting slimming.Only when you finish this stage, you can afford to use a good diet for yourself.Of course, a good diet is not only providing the body with the right amount of calories, so it is not enough to calculate the energy demand mentioned.Slimming down to the time when a person learns healthy eating habits and it is worth continuing them after the end of the reduction.One of the most important rules is regular eating.This is especially important for people who have poor metabolism.You must remember to not eat dinner just before bedtime, and stick to the principle of the abundance of individual meals.From time to time you can afford something sweet, but absorbing a daily chocolate bar or a portion of ice cream is a very bad idea.It’s best to bet on fruit desserts that contain natural sugars.A good habit is also the consumption of a lot of fluids, in particular water, green tea and infusions of herbs that have a beneficial effect on metabolism.It is also worth sticking to a diet containing a lot of fruits and vegetables.The type of diet used during the fight against overweight is not without significance.If the most effective diet for you is limiting certain products or introducing the principle of not incorporating them with other products, then this way of eating can be beneficial even after the end of slimming.

The way of life

Correct habits developed during weight loss are not only diet, but also activity.If you have already forced yourself to leave the couch and start training, do not give up this change for the sake of fitness and your health.Wanting to get rid of excess weight caused that you changed your car from a bicycle?Did you start practicing while watching TV?In that case, do it still.Please note that the energy demand depends, inter alia, on the degree of activity.This means that frequent workouts make it possible to afford a slightly higher dose of food.You do not have to limit yourself to one discipline and constantly train the same sport as during weight loss.Sometimes it’s good to try many things to find the one that gives you the greatest pleasure.In the spring it is worth starting to go for walks or try cycling, while in the winter you can get interested in sports typical for this season.


The end of the diet means that you can afford more freedom in terms of nutrition.However, this does not mean total freedom, because returning to old habits at some point will lead to the return of the former weight.Getting out of the diet should be planned as well as the diet itself, but after the end of the stabilization phase, it is worth sticking to certain rules developed during weight loss.These rules apply to both nutrition and activity.


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